Guess what?!


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I got engaged on valentine's day! I'm so happy and totally surprised he did good job I told him long time ago when he ask me how I want to be proposed I said "when I least expect it" and he got it! :lol:
No wedding detail yet lol (people ask me that when I told them I'm engaged I'm like "no I'm only been engaged for *insert length of time* long" haha do some people actually plan or have some details for wedding on day of their engagement? Lol)


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Congratulations on your engagement! I'm sure you're quite thrilled and set for a journey of a lifetime being together. Wishes you many blessings upon this engagement and that the planning, setting up every detail, wedding date, etc., goes real well and smoothly. Once the two of you have decided upon a wedding date--pls. do share that as well!

Once again, congratulations! :thumb:

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Congrats on a Valentine Day engagement..... may ya and your future hubby be blessed and who knows, wedding bells will ring out good enough soon or later!!! Must have been a big delight for ya when that happened on for all day, Valentine Day!! Congrats!


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congrats for your enagement on Valentine's day.

Funny thing that i met my wife in blind date on Feb. 16th at valentine's party for deaf/hoh at San Diego, CA in 1985 and dating for 33 days and then the next day got married without enagement at all... Still married for nearly 23 years and PROUD!!!!!!!

GOOD LUCK with your future arraigment of your new wedding!!!



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Conratulation, SkullChick. Your fiancé is a lucky guy 'cause you're a nice young lady and cute, too.


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Congratulation on your engagement on Valentine's Day. That is soooo romantic and you both must be on cloud nine falling all over each other in love. That is great. :cool: