Anyone like to watch????


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007 rocks!

I'm more a fan of the Connery 007 movies esp Dr No, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You only Live Twice.

The reason's much simple: Less computer n that high tech shit and I liked the '60s feel of the Connery films compared to the Brosnan ones.

But 007 got some competition with the Xander Cage XXX films but Xander is no Bond.


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Goldfinger, Never Say Never Again (Sean Connery)
For Your Eyes Only (Roger Moore)
Living Daylights (Timothy Dalton)
I have hard time to decide which one is the best (Pierce Bronsan).

George Lazenaby was not great at playing the 007 character (1969 movie, For Your Majesty).


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Really, I am not fan of 007. I know some ppl love 007 for various reasons. Myself not even watch any movies. not even one movie!!!!!


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yea i love classical 007 movies, but i feel that sean connely was the best actor in 007 series. lately i havent watched pierce in those movies. :(


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I've seen all the 007 movies. Yes, they might be old and outdated but I like to see how they do the movies. That's what makes the movies interesting. 007 will probably be infinite!


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my dad have :Owned: all 007 James Bond movies, I mean every single one of them from birth of 007 to now... he should be buying "Die Another Day" very asap anytime... 007 is his collection... every time I go see him he asked me what movie I want to watch... lol.... Halle Berry's good actor but I want Catherine Zeta Jones to be in 007 someday... she's awesome too...


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Pamela Anderson Lee??? *shudder at the thoughs* *shudder again* I hate Pamela cuz she's a dumb blondie.... *shudder again*!