Where's everyone from?

I'm from the Great White North.. aka Canada... and I live in the central part of Canada.. that's all I can say.. now do beware of mad sharkster lurking around there.. hehehe.. kidding!!!
I was born and raised in the Volunteer State, now living in the Empire State of the South. :)
Obviously, born and rasied, and currently live, in Canberra, Australia.
Canada, born in Edmonton Alberta, grew up in Calgary Alberta. A hardy Canadian prairie girl here who prefers the ocean and rainforest one Province West of me, will get back there some day.....
Born in Bosie, ID.. Lived as far North as Anchorage Alaska, As far East as Roanoke, Va and as far South as San Diego, Ca... Now I reside in Salem, Or...lol
I was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in Central Minnesota. I moved to New Mexico with my family. Now I am living on the beautiful Manitoulin Island which is on Lake Huron in Canada with my second husband. I have lived on the island for 14 years. Wow, times go very fast forward. :Ohno:
Born a bred a desert rat in the valley of the sun. :)
Firstly I am from my mother's womb. Then I was born & raised and living in Western Australia. :D
I was born and raised in Down and Under (New Zealand), currently living in Western Australia.
Hail from Golden State..specific? NorCal.. oh wait.. better specific? Bay Area.

enough said.