Where are you from?

Minnesota here, I just got back here curiously and I see new people around.
One of the rainy states oregon

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I was originally from New Zealand. Now I'm in Western Australia.
I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I have lived here for 25 of my 30 years. The five years that I was *not* here were when I got married and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I divorced my husband (he was horrifically abusive) and moved to the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area; specifically Johnson City which is just outside of Bristol-- home of the Bristol Motor Speedway, a major NASCAR race track. I spent a very hot and rainy summer there with my boyfriend, a native to the area. But, being from SoCal, I hated all that friggin' rain so I persuaded my boyfriend to come back to Cali with me. It all worked out and he got a great job at Sony Computer Entertainment of America. It's every nerdy kid's dream job! He works on Share Factory for the PS4 full-time now and has his name in the credits of over a dozen games. I tried to go back to school but it didn't work out so I started a hedgehog farm, something that wasn't easy to do but which has kept me out of trouble since 2011 ^_~

Hey....meant to refer back to hedgehogs in the Intro portion... I do think they're cute and have known one or two folks who have them as pets. I'm a dog trainer
from Midwest.
What's wrong with NC??? Where do I start?! j/k It's just not home, being around Charlotte just isn't the same. At least I make it one more awesome person richer.

Been a lot of drama going on, just stayed offline a while. I kinda like the site changes.