What's your favortie Fast Food?

Wendys and Subway is my favorite food.. :D

McDonalds, Taco Bell, and White castle is NASTY :barf:
Arby's -- sure miss that
Hungry Jack's aka Burger King (double cheese n bacon burger and the McOz burger)
KFC - Twister
Subway - Veggie Delite
How about Arby's? LOL I nearly got into a car accident when I turned into the corner and jumped with delight when I found one during my delivery route. Yeah it's a bit expensive, but love the cheesy beef sandwiches (no, no, no... it's not to eat everyday...)

Jack in the Box is a BIG :nono: (I call it Chuck in the box, thank u very much)

Anyway, I would never go into a fast food restaurant while traveling.. unless I need to use the restroom :/
TinyStrawberry said:
Wendys and Subway is my favorite food.. :D

McDonalds, Taco Bell, and White castle is NASTY :barf:

I love Taco bell :) yummy!!! wish they have one here in willmar :groans: have to go to St. cloud which is 1 hour drive for taco bell.. or in cities here in willmar have taco johns
In Utah, they have Del Taco which is very cheap, but even better than Taco Bell. Also, there is Beto's, which serves very sloppy Mexican food but also good. I've stopped going to Taco Bell!
That is so true about Taco Bell and Del Taco. Del Taco is WAAAAAAAAY much better!! I used to love Taco Bell until they changed their stuff and their food got "blah!", and it is not the same anymore. So, Del Taco ended up tasting better than Taco Bell.

My favorite fast food is Gandolfo's!! Second fave is Tokyo Express Restaurants. Third fave is Del Taco!!

McDonald's foods makes me shit the runs almost immediately about an hour later! Ewww!
taco bell
dairy queen (dont know if you guys consider it as a fast food joint)

I like to eat at...
#1. Swiss Chalet (Sometime to go there)
#2. Harveys (Lovely that place but not in my hometown and have to go other town)
#3. McDonald (follow my children's wishes... I like eat only New Chicken burger combo)
#4. Quinzillia (Toasted Submarie) New company... (Great for my lunch)
#5. A&W (My hubby's fave resturant, so I can eat only papa's combo)
#6. Subway (Rare to eat there)
Rolled tacos with Guac. Otherwise, SUBWAY for the scenery. There is always good scenery in our local Subway! Love Taco Bell for the food. HATE MCDONALDS!