The 2009/10 NFL Thread

They could even use their MNF loss to motivate themselves.

Being a Dolphin fan all-my-life, I don't think I have felt pain from a lose than the MNF game. It was getting a swift kick in the crouch- not only emotional but physical too! I feel that to ease my agony is a win on week three in San Diago (fat chance). Oh well. Miami does have the hardest schedule in the entire NFL...but that's no excuse. No excuses, never. We'll get there one way or the other.
Miami may have started off 0-2 same as last year, but they will in no way make 11-5 to finish. Im saying this as a realist not a miami hater. You're right they have tough schedule.
A great day of football for me so far :) My Patriots beat Atlanta Falcons :dance2: and my new comer, Mark Sanchez, QB, NY Jets beat Tennessee :)
Yay, I can finally say Jacksonville won today! LOL

Hey, how bout that throw and catch to end that Vikings/49ers game. Im no Brett Farve fan, but that was a nice ending to that close game.
Wow, Detroit Lions has end their losing streak. First victory against Redskin to keep away from being own 2nd longest losing streak. Tampa Bay is remind the longest losing streak at 26. Yet, Lions is still tie with other team. haha

I have to congratulation for their sweet victory in Detroit.
If our season is over (and it's very likely that it is), I will cheer on the Saints. They look totally awesome.
Yeah- Saints and Colts are rolling. I hope Carolina can upset the Cowboys tonight.
Yeah Carolina played terrible for most of the game, and stupid penalties also. They made the cowboys look much better of a team than they really are.