The 2009/10 NFL Thread


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May 1, 2003
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The Miami Dolphins will go deep into the playoffs this year - even with the tough schedule.
My team will be handing out plenty of victories to other teams this season. It will hopefully turn around by next year we'll see.
Oh Phillips, you seem to always make me laugh! Oh boy, my side hurts.
I am hoping the Cardinals will win the Super Bowl this time, not lose it like they did against Steelers. :mad:
I hope the Dallas Cowboys are gonna it all the way to Super Bowl.... Go Dallas!
Ahhh, there you are AquaBlue again, the Dolphins never quit, like us Pats fans :lol:

But AquaBlue, I am sorry to have to say this, I am gonna agree with Oceanblue7 and Phillips...We are gonna shove all the tuna fishes back in the sea...whooosh, you are gone back in the ocean...and we, Pats are going to be in the next SUPERBOWL!!!! :cool2:
HMM the Pats and the Dolphins gonna be at war.. that ought to be fun to watch!!! LOL
Yeah, go Carolina!
Steve Smith got hurt today though in practice so we'll see