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Aug 3, 2022
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I know from my research that only deaf people can give people sign names, which I 100% agree with, but I have a unique situation. I'm not deaf, but I have epilepsy and part of the time when I'm coming out of a seizure I cant hear at all. I rely on fingerspelling and feel to communicate in those times, and if I cant talk when I've recovered i use asl for that time. I feel as though it's a grey area as to whether I can give the people around me sign names so that I can know who is with me when I cant hear, I have to only use one hand, and no arms because my gross motor skills dont return until later. Is there a way I can ethically give them sign names? Its very hard for me to interpret their fingerspelling when I cant see either.
Note: currently me and the only other person I know who understand asl have figured out simple signs to ID them. But if this is wrong I will discuss this with them.
I find the best thing to do is to use initials. When I am talking about a person and they don't have a sign name I use first and last letters throughout the conversation. If your friends all have different initials that could be a quick way to know who is with you.