1. F

    Sign Names

    I know from my research that only deaf people can give people sign names, which I 100% agree with, but I have a unique situation. I'm not deaf, but I have epilepsy and part of the time when I'm coming out of a seizure I cant hear at all. I rely on fingerspelling and feel to communicate in those...
  2. Yellocool

    Use of the "past" sign?

    I'm trying to learn ASL/PSE by PSE signing songs, a lot like the videos you find online, but in my attempts to translate songs I found a statement "I swore I had a heart" which had two past tense statements in one sentence, and "There was a part of me I shared" I don't know how to express "was".
  3. D

    Educate a newbie?

    Hello, community! This question is being presented to you for the sake of both interest and education of myself. I know the question will seem cliché, but please bear with me. My only knowledge of signing, in general, is almost exclusively of what I've learned from online research. The question...
  4. fionaahamilton

    Can Somebody Please Give Me A Name Sign?

    Hello, my name is Fiona! I am hearing and I know I'm probably not supposed to be in here, but I'm very interested in the deaf community! I do know sign language, but I need a name sign. The rule is a deaf individual has to grant you a name sign so I was hoping somebody on this site could give me...