Serious relationship

Life says she's from Bulgaria . . . maybe she's moved to the States?

Do not move to the states. I was born here and life here. :)

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Why I can not put my picture on profile? I tried ,but it is not.Why?? :( i want. Does anyone know how..

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Hello,My name is Vesela.I am deaf.I'm 25 years old lady from Bulgaria.I am a christian.i am single looking for a serious relationship.Love me true, understanding, support, take me as I am,makes me so happy when you say you're thinking about me ❤. "I love meeting people, discovering new cultures, new countries, cities...

Nice to meet you!

To contact :[/quote]

Hello everyone,

My name is Darren Williams, 35 years old, single and have got hearing loss in both ears and might need hearing aids to help me hear clearer.

Looking to chat to and meet new people on here for friendships and looking for a relationship to.

Hope to chat with people soon.
Look I get ya'all's point….that being said….sure…it ain't a "dating site" exclusively…but ya know..trying to connect is a basic human thing….why ya'all need to knock others for being human…….this doesn't have to be an absolute "no effort to connect site". Who gave anyone the right to create this as such.? Fine..ya don't wanna hear it…then move on without comment…don't post your hate….thank you. Ya can't change the world….get over it.
I don't get why people are surprised there are deaf people in Bulgaria. Their are deaf people everywhere. And this section of the site is about dating and relationships so I don't see why you guys have a problem with someone trying to meet their perfect someone.

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good point… and relationships section…..nowhere does it say it's only for discussion:roll:
you never know if murders are reading public forums

The same as meeting someone out in public or school. You never no who anyone really is of what they are capable off. I met my boyfriend online and that was 8 years ago and we are on vacation at Savannah beach right now.

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Wow, funny thread....
Bukgaria, yeah i knew a girl from there once,,, no wait a minute that was the ukraine...
No, think it was bellarusse or something regardless, that side of the berlin wall, when it was standing and really the world and geography was so much easier with the wall....
Damn it, bring back the wall...
Where was i(scratches head)
Im not crazy, jusy hazey...