Patrick Swayze has died.

this old movie of red dawn always gives me goose bumps

[ame=]YouTube - Red Dawn[/ame]
I hope he didn't suffer... it was already hard enough to see him get worse and worse... :(

RIP Patrick
In the Memory of Patrick Swayze

I've seen this movie Patrick played a drag queen in "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar", cracked me up, a very funny movie.

He has played in movie like "Next of Kin", Steel Dawn, Roadhouse also he did in his famous “Chippendales” sketch with Chris Farley on “Saturday Night Live.”

Also he was in the movie called the " The Outsiders" and tv show "The Beast".

Patrick Swayze
An athlete practically from birth, Patrick Swayze was a football player in high school and then earned a gymnastics scholarship to pay for college. His father had been a dancer/choreographer, and Swayze began to study dance early on, eventually working with the prestigious Harkness and Joffrey Ballet companies. He made his professional debut as a dancer with the lead role of Prince Charming in a traveling company of Disney on Parade, but an old knee injury from his football days threatened to cut his dancing career short at any moment. Hedging his bets, Swayze opened his repertoire up to acting as well. He made the transition to Broadway, landing the role of Danny in the hit Broadway musical Grease before heading to Los Angeles to make yet another transition -- this time to the screen. Swayze cut his teeth on TV guest appearances, scoring a memorable role as dying soldier in an episode of M*A*S*H. Finally, he got a role in Francis Ford Coppola's youth ensemble film The Outsiders (1983), a film of massive critical acclaim and box-office success. Steadily continuing his upward trajectory, he followed up The Outsiders with the Cold War classic Red Dawn (1984) and with the Civil War TV miniseries North and South (1985). His real big break came in 1987, however, with a starring role in the hit Dirty Dancing. The film gave Swayze the chance to showcase both his acting and dancing abilities and, additionally, he wrote and performed one of the film's songs, "She's Like the Wind," which went on to become a major hit. The role made Swayze an undisputed star, and he scored big again with a tough-guy role in the movie Road House, as well as the romantic lead in the supernatural drama Ghost (1990) -- a box-office smash that ended up grossing more than 200 million dollars. The '90s had started out for Swayze with a bang, but with so much of his success wrapped up in the films of the 1980s, the actor soon found himself fighting against the mentality that he was out of date. He found iconic roles like surfer Bodhi in the police thriller Point Break and even played a drag queen in 1995's To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, but transitioning into the next phase of his career proved challenging. In 2001, Swayze found a film to help him facilitate this change with the role of self-help guru Jim Cunningham in the dark mystery drama Donnie Darko. There was an element of self-parody in Swayze's portrayal of the über-positive, clean-cut Cunningham, and audiences found the role refreshing. He continued to pick up projects as they appealed to him, appearing in everything from the romantic drama One Last Dance to the quirky British comedy Keeping Mum. ~ Cammila Albertson, All Movie Guide.

Filmography of Patrick Swayze:
Christmas in Wonderland with Tim Curry
Frederick Forsyth's Icon with Ben Cross , Jeff Fahey , Michael York , Joss Ackland , Barry Morse
One Last Dance
King Solomon's Mines
Green Dragon with Forest Whitaker
Letters From a Killer
Black Dog with Meat Loaf , Stephen Tobolowsky , Charles S. Dutton
Three Wishes with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio , Diane Venora , Neal McDonough , Bill Mumy , Michael O'Keefe , Jay O. Sanders
Tall Tale with Oliver Platt , Nick Stahl , Scott Glenn , Jared Harris , William H. Macy , Catherine O'Hara , Scott Wilson , Stephen Lang
Tiger Warsaw with Piper Laurie , Lee Richardson , Mary McDonnell , Kaye Ballard , Nick Mancuso
Steel Dawn with Christopher Neame , Brion James , Anthony Zerbe
Road House with Kelly Lynch , Sam Elliott , Ben Gazzara , Kevin Tighe , Keith David
Red Dawn with Ron O'Neal , William Smith , Powers Boothe , Ben Johnson , Lea Thompson , Charlie Sheen , Jennifer Grey , Harry Dean Stanton , Pepe Serna , Lane Smith , David Keith
Point Break with Keanu Reeves , Gary Busey , John C. McGinley , James LeGros , Tom Sizemore
Next of Kin with Liam Neeson , Adam Baldwin , Helen Hunt , Bill Paxton , Michael J. Pollard , Ben Stiller , Ted Levine , Jean Marais
Ghost with Demi Moore , Whoopi Goldberg , Tony Goldwyn , Vincent Schiavelli , Stephen Root , Jane Jenkins
Father Hood with Halle Berry , Michael Ironside , Diane Ladd , Bob Gunton , Adrienne Barbeau , Georgann Johnson , Josh Lucas
Dirty Dancing with Jennifer Grey , Jerry Orbach , Jack Weston
City of Joy with Pauline Collins , Om Puri , Shabana Azmi , Sam Wanamaker
The Fox and the Hound 2 with Stephen Root
Along for the Ride with Melanie Griffith , Penelope Ann Miller , Richard Schiff , Lee Garlington , Michael J. Pollard
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar with Wesley Snipes , John Leguizamo , Stockard Channing , Blythe Danner , Arliss Howard , Melinda Dillon , Julie Newmar , Jerry Orbach , Chris Penn , Robin Williams
George and the Dragon with Michael Clarke Duncan , Joan Plowright , Simon Callow
Waking Up in Reno with Billy Bob Thornton , Charlize Theron , Natasha Richardson , Penelope Cruz
Youngblood with Rob Lowe , Ed Lauter , Keanu Reeves
Biography: Whoopi Goldberg with Whoopi Goldberg , Robin Williams , Billy Crystal
Keeping Mum with Rowan Atkinson , Kristin Scott Thomas , Maggie Smith , James Booth
The Outsiders with Matt Dillon , Ralph Macchio , Rob Lowe , Emilio Estevez , Diane Lane , Tom Cruise , Leif Garrett , Tom Waits , William Smith , Sofia Coppola
Uncommon Valor with Gene Hackman , Robert Stack , Fred Ward , Charles Aidman , Jane Kaczmarek , Jeremy Kemp , Gail Strickland
Donnie Darko with Jake Gyllenhaal , Jena Malone , Mary McDonnell , Maggie Gyllenhaal , Drew Barrymore , Katharine Ross , James Duval
11:14 with Henry Thomas , Barbara Hershey , Hilary Swank
Special Thanks to Roy London with Patricia Arquette , Hank Azaria , Lois Chiles , Beverly D'Angelo , Geena Davis , Sherilyn Fenn , Jeff Goldblum , Famke Janssen , Brad Pitt , Garry Shandling , Sharon Stone , Forest Whitaker
Overnight with Willem Dafoe , Billy Connolly , Jake Busey , Michael Douglas , Mark Wahlberg

He will be dearly missed and good things is he's no longer in pain anymore, is in peace forever.
It's very sad :(

I don't know how many people know him but Keith Floyd, an English chef also died today. I grew up watching him, he will be missed also.

Keith Floyd
Wow, No way?! :(

Patrick Swayze was my all-time favorite actor. I grew up watching him in his various films such as Road House, Black Dog, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, North & South, so and on. I'm deeply saddened by this.

I knew he was battling with pancreatic cancer for a while. Unfortunately, his body could not be able to battle it any longer.

Rest in Peace, Patrick Swazye.

YES, I watched him in his all movies and he was my favourite actor too.
I loved his movies, Red Dawn and Ghost was my favorites.

R.I.P. Patrick

Why is a AWESOME to be deaf! I do not understand this.

OFF TOPIC to whatdidyousay.

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Funny thing that we did watching "The Red Dawn" movie same day (Sept, 14, 2009) he died which we did not know that - Oh wow!!

RIP ~ Patrick Swayze!
NCAA Prez and then Indiana Univ. Prez Brand just died from pancrea cancer today just like Patrick did. So it's definitely deadly!
RIP Patrick. My condolences to his friends and family.

I can't believe it has been almost twenty years since Ghost came out.