Links to websites for learning ASL

I got the ASL app from my deaf friend. I sent it to my sister, because she wants to learn signs. She uses it and she said the ASL app is not free. You have to pay it for $10 or $15, which I don't recall, but anyway, the app is only one time.
My sister showed me this app. Wow... How do you sign the color Blue?
I sign like this: The blue sign is made by making the ASL sign for “B” out by the side of your body. Take your fingers outstretched with your thumb tucked under. Then twist your hand left and right out by the side of your body.
You need to check out this ASL app and tell me what do you think.
We generally get asked here on AD for places for people to go to learn sign language. The following are sites that I have used or have recommended. Home
Has a wide variety of signs in a dictionary format. Also has quizzes that you can play. They have a children's area and a section for Bible signs as well.

• ASL • American Sign Language
This site is put together by Dr. Bill Vickers from a California college. He has an online ASL university that is free. You can do the work online or download the workbooks. You can also order a CD of the website if you are only on dial-up. He also sells CD's for school groups. He has options for being able to get school credit.

Signing Savvy | ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary
You can register for free for basic instruction. There is also an option to pay for membership which will give you more, but the free version is just great. :: Home
You are able to "check out" videos, DVD's and books like a library. They will mail them to you and give you a postage paid mailer to send them back. They also have streaming online videos as well. They offer all kinds of things for ASL instruction, deaf culture and children.

Free American Sign Language Browers, British Sign Language, Auslan
This site provides links for all different sign languages from all over for baby sign language. ASL, BSL, AUSLAN, Arabic, Austrian, Croatian, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Japan, National Aviation and Norwegian.

ASL Dictionary
This is a new site and has things for learning ASL and deaf culture

This should be a good start.
Thanks. There is one I found and its . On your computer you can register and so far it's free. On your cell phone you can sign up to receive a signal day
Hello, I am new here, I am Deaf, user of LSC, I want to learn LSA. Thanks.

Greetings from Colombia