Links to websites for learning ASL

I have started to use and I like it. They have many topics to choose from.
I am good study lots of video asl and youtube help you improve. I can upload more sign language. I figure out think I willl make sure good idea. I am lots of hard work activities tired and lots of hard work and volunteer!!!!!!! ASL ROCK :D
I have been using two sites, one that is mentioned above with Bill Vicars ( and also WestwoodASL, taught with videos by a Deaf high school ASL teacher. Both sites have been very helpful so far. has no vocabulary lists, he focuses more on grammar/syntax, and not so much on just learning a bunch of signs. Lifeprint is a little of both. I like having the vocabulary, but definitely see the importance of learning the actual language, just knowing the signs is not going to be very helpful in actual communication. I also find that I must have the videos. Books and pictures are not very helpful to me.

Westwood costs $5 per module, each module containing several videos, lessons, and maybe a quiz in each too....not sure as I have only done the first 2 modules. I searched and asked around, and both of these sites came highly recommended, both from Deaf and hearing people I asked.
That site is run by my current ASL 2 teacher: Dr. Bill Vicars. The videos are very, very good for practicing at home.

Wow by Dr. Bill himself. I checked the site out and found out the university is online with 2 year courses for ASL 1 and 2. still reading...

This thread is useful, by the way! :wave:
Bumping this thread since we have a lot of new users who are looking to learn ASL, BSL and whatever else.
I will let know kristinba I tell you on link I search more google!
Cheers for the links. I use BSL and SSE but I'm very interested to learn international ones too. Would be very handy for the future. :)
We generally get asked here on AD for places for people to go to learn sign language. The following are sites that I have used or have recommended.....This should be a good start.

Thanks for the Information!!:wave:
Thank you for the links, Kristina!
My ASL instructor uses Lifeprint and I am impressed with the ASLU site. I see that Dr Bill offers a DVD. Has anyone used the DVD? What do you think of it as a supplement to an in-person class?
Thanks for this! Wow is it hard but I am going to give this a go and hope to learn. Then hopefully my family will to.

How is the best way to start? Would it be learning each letter of the alphabet or ? Sorry if this seems like a rude question. I have lost a great deal of my hearing abilities and even more within the last 8 months.Trying to figure out what to do and where to start in all of this.

Never mind after reading around more I feel it's best to take classes so I can learn properly.
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