I'm curious do u prefer a guy to pay for dinnner or he want u to pay for dinner?

which one u prefer to do on first date?

  • he prefer u to pay for dinner on first date

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • u prefer him to pay for dinner on first date

    Votes: 19 67.9%
  • dunno?

    Votes: 8 28.6%

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Originally posted by SilenceGold
Women. :roll:

Well, MEN! :roll: Men don't usually think ahead! :P

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Silence Gold ;)

That what I taught my two sons manners. My younger son gave a dozen red rose for their anniversary. Also, braclet roses for their Prom. They were so beautiful couple. I just got their pictures last night.

My older son got red rose for his old girlfriend and took her out to see the Horror Movie. Jeeze... They love the Horror Movie !


Neato, I've been checking your thread out. :D

I still open doors (resturants, stores, car) for Lisa. My mother is also other lady who I do that for too.
I'd rather my partner and I split up the dinner bill and pay half each... it's fair that way :)
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Yes I have done that before...

One of the most embarrassing part was when I was supposed to take out Lisa's parents and my parents out for dinner when I introduced all of them to each other.

I practically forgot my wallet and when I reached the resturant, I realized it.

I whispered to my dad and asked him if he could loan me some cash..and he said that he didn't have any cash. I asked my mother..same thing...

Jeez...I asked Lisa...so she asked her dad...no cash....except some pennies (like he wanted to tell me that)...and of course, her mother never carries money...

So I asked them to sit down and I'll drive fast back to the house to get my wallet..but I realized halfway on the way to the house....my wallet was there in my cup holder in front of the automatic stick...so I turned around. Jeez...it was a week before the wedding.

OMG! Poor ya....That's why I always wear the wallet in my pocket.
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OMG! Poor ya....That's why I always wear the wallet in my pocket.

I did...but for some reasons, I had to take it out of my back pocket in the car..and ended up didn't want to put it back in..so I laid it down in that cup holder. :x
Usually when I was on dates.. guys would pay. I was always taught by my parents that a guy should always pay on a date and open the door and etc being a gentlemen.
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hey guys and gals-

I'm so curious but do u ever experience about payin for dinner on first date?

Actually, I don't care...I like going dutch on dates. Most of the times, the blokes'd pay for the meal, but other times I prefer to split the bill. :)
(That was before I got married...:P)

I would rather that we both pay half of it or take turns.. I would not want a guy to be paying for me all the time. I would like to pay for him once a while.. Fair trade..
All your opinions on this are fine if they work for you. Me? Well, i'm of the old, traditional school: The guy takes care of that sort of thing.....
i dont think i am old fashiond but whenever i go out with a female, i alwasy pay, just a common curtisy

even if i KNOW its just friends i still do, hell i went to lunch with a friends wife and i still paid (me and her were friends in high school, i introduced them)