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Jan 25, 2005
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:cool: Bonjour guys

I am new to this posting stuff. I am from Philly in US. Whatz up? I pretty have alot to say or ask...but I'll do slowly one post at at time. I hope that I'll accomplish somethin' here. Later guys.

Holler if you hear me.

I was born with hearing loss. I have sensorineural hearing loss with profound deaf in left ear and moderately severe to severe in my right ear. Therefore, I wear a hearing aid in my right ear. I am almost 20 and a student. I am oral. I know few of american sign language which I used to do.

I also have facial defects since birth. I underwent 30 surgical procedures over 10 operations. Sure it has been difficult growing up, but I was always maintained strong and am doing better everyday.

I quit the college where I was attending first semester due to becuase the college turned out to be a sucker...didn't provide the accomodation I needed and so they were pretty discriminative. I plan to transfer to a better school with CART/CPRINT available. I was always a hardworking and a bright student. I am more like I want to learn more somethings that really interest me. I am looking into somewhere between pyschology, women's studies, computer science, or some arts.

I am waiting for my new hearing aid with an FM system, so I am pysched about them.

Oh yes not to forget to mention what I like to do...
I like to travel, dance, design, watch movies, listen to foreign music, view artworks, eat fresh food, dine out with friends, plan events, research, help people, and have a peaceful mind.

And so here it is, pretty much about me briefly.

Hello and welcome to Alldeaf Naj! You'll find many good threads in many different sections of AD and hopefully you'll enjoy being here making new friends and reading and making posts in AD! :thumb:
Hi there, I used to live 45 minutes (in Joisey) from the City of Brotherly Love before moving to Utah. What is your favourite section of the city? Mine is hard to say... I liked several places such as Penns Landing, South Street, Manayunk, etc... Anyway, welcome to AD.
Welcome, it's good to see you've managed through all that. Enjoy the forum!
Welcome to the Dicussion and Forums for only DEAF, Naj. I like your real name so, your real name looks an asian name.

Welcome to AD and enjoy your stay here ;)