How can I sell my heating aids/Cochlear implant?

Luke masheder

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Nov 27, 2022
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I have hearing aids and a Cochlear implant which have never been used and feel it is wasted sat at home unused.

Does anyone know how/where I can sell these to help someone out if they need them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

I'm in assumption you've never been hearing impaired yourself. Many hearing aids are fitted to it's user. And are adjusted for the users personal hearing frequencies. That doesn't necessarily make them useless. But it does cause complications around getting them to be functional. Many audiologist do have their own preferences and might not even be able to make adjustments to a "random" aid.

Not all are fitted, and some can be easily refitted despite whatever the presets are in the aid. ( I have a pair that was tested for my ears then later had new ear molds made from a different company to use as a backup )

As expensive good quality aids are, buying used aids is not a good option.

Donating them might be more viable and helpful to those in need
I was the culprit of a shocking operation leaving me completely dead in one ear, I purchased the hearing aids last year and have used them once or twice. I purchased the hearing aids and just feel as though they are a waste of time as I rarely use them. I was just seeing what my options were moving forward.

Thanks for the reply I will look into this, not much info online as to what to do with used/nearly new hearing aids.