Hello, My name is Juliet (NY)

:welcome: To All Deaf JuLoVe21!!
Have Fun Posting &
Enjoy Your Stay Here:thumb:
hey , spainmale- thank you!

hey, rdc_girl- aww...really?...i am sorry that you are jealous that i live in new york..not worry about it...if you want to move to ny when you will own live..:)...oh yea i heard that about manhattan seem nice place..that is near by nyc area...nyc is about 4 hours away from my hometown....i am hoping you, your mom and sister will have fun in manhattan..:)
deafteen, aww i am sure that you will be fine....so tell me why you are nervous about you will turn 17 next friday?... don't be afraid to tell me about that so i could help you..alright?

I will be fine. Its just that every time i think of special upcoming events, i get nervous for like little or no reason. I am still nervous now.
RDC_girl aw! sorry to hear that! well, i don't live in ny anymore for reasons.

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