Hello, My name is Juliet (NY)


Sep 6, 2006
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hello everyone,

so i thought i would write here again, but i am not sure if I did write here before..oh well anyway..i tell you about myself...my name is juliet...i am from new york...i am hard of hearing...i am 22 years old...i like to going to shopping, hanging out with my friends, watching movies there is about comedy and romance, playing basketball and volleyball, reading magazine and book there is about romance, talking to people on the im and writing e-mail...i love to listening to music, but lot of people said i am really addictive of listen to music lol....uh hmm..my friends tells me that i am sweet, smart, friendly, funny, quiet, sensitive, caring, helpful, nice and romance...I let you know that i am happy that i'd love to help people about their problems or ask for advices..If you need help then let me know please =)...so you could contact me at {Mod Edit: addy removed }or talk to me on the im...here my screen name is {Mod Edit: sn removed}..So I can't wait to hear from you soon..=)


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:welcome: to AD! Enjoy posting away!!

Are u buried in snow?:giggle:
Hello and welcome to Alldeaf! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here in AD! ;)

Have a great day! :wave:

:welcome: to Alldeaf! Have fun browsing and posting! :)
Hey there, im also addicted to various of music (i listen music everyday...music controls my life). Happy valentine day to u, m'am
hey deafteen, oh yea hahaha that is funny...same here :)...thank you for telling me happy v-day so you too :-d....umm..how old are you may i ask?
Indeed, thx u. Im gonna be 17 in next friday... im getting nervous bout that :s...
deafteen, aww i am sure that you will be fine....so tell me why you are nervous about you will turn 17 next friday?... don't be afraid to tell me about that so i could help you..alright?
Hello Juliet,

Welcome to Alldeaf and enjoy your stay here :) ....
Welcome Juliet, I am jealous that you live in NY. My mom sister and I are going in August. I LOVE Manhattan! It is such an amazing city