Do you like spicy food?

Start with something relatively mild and work your way up. Whenever I go to a new Indian restaurant I find it's a good idea to not go for whatever dish you can usually take as each chef has his own recipe. In one place I could easily eat and enjoy the madras, but in another it was far too hot for me.

Get a naan bread to go with your food, it can soak up some of the heat if you have a bite every few mouthfuls of curry.

Thanks for the advice! I've been dying to try it lately. I'll have to remember that naan bread and ask them what they think is mild. :hmm:
Generally Butter Chicken, followed by either a korma or passanda (chicken or lamb usually) will be mildest. All will have a very thick, rich and creamy sauce, great for dipping the bread in.

My usual Indian feast is:
-Chicken Chamlai or Jalfrezi (depending on my mood)
-pilau rice
-peshwari naan
-bhindi bhaji (otherwise known as okra)
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I love Indian food of different kinds, Thai food...tried a small amount of Indonesian food in college when I was meeting people from all around the world.
I like hot peppers in some things, to a point.

I love one.
oooh, what's that - hot sauce? I haven't seen that brand. Sometimes I like that on my eggs.
And this.

I never forget that powron told me that his friend ate whole wasabi once and he thought it was avocado. :laugh2::laugh2:
oooh, what's that - hot sauce? I haven't seen that brand. Sometimes I like that on my eggs.

Yep hot sauce and great taste with steak fajitas.

Also taste better than tabasco sauce.

I like Cholula Hot Sauce too.
I haven't tried that - in the picture.

Is the Cholula sauce from Louisiana?
I ate 8 wings with from buffalo wild wings blazin once. Whew! So burned on my lips.

I did that too. it was nothing. :zzz: yes it burns my mouth a little bit but goes away pretty fast.
I like spicy foods as long as they are not too spicy for my taste.
Oh! :ty:The Highlander! I'd like to try it! I may especially want to taste the chili lime-
I didn't know Cholula now comes with lime. That one I would like to try.

And I just read on Zite, the chili/mango suckers I mentioned earlier, are probably high in lead and not safe...
Tried a Korean dish called bibimpap kimchi (sp?). Jiro might be familiar with this, but god, hotther than hell! lol