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Apr 24, 2003
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Can you use DGS??? In US it is ASL...

in German
DGS -> Deutsche Gebärden Sprache
in English
DGS -> German bearing language
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G'day...I"m not quite sure what you want to know. I have no ideas what you're talking about...perhaps you could explain a bit more about DGS and what it does and so forth. :) :wave:
i would love to learn german sign language... is there a way to learn one? it'll be cool..

since hearing peeps.. learn germany, spainish, french, and so on..

why not us deafies learn other country sign language? it'll be cool.. iw ould like to learn some other country...
Why is it bearing? What does bearing mean? I would love to learn another language, I know a little of the German spoken/written language but not the sign language.
LOL, wrong translation of Chris96....bearing is "gebären" in german worth, but he means "gebärden"...in English it is "sign"

DGS = German Sign Language

I think, Chris96 want to know who can sign in German

@Cowgirl&Chris96: Welcome in Alldeaf!