Bomb Threat Called In To Texas School For The Deaf


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Apr 18, 2004
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5 - Bomb Threat Called In To Texas School For The Deaf

Somebody called in a bomb threat to the Texas School for the Deaf around 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

Luckily it turned out to be an idle threat, but after the shootings at Virginia Tech school officials around the country are taking such threats very seriously.

Austin Police told CBS 42 that some students were evacuated at the S. Congress Ave. school in order to search a building.
I dont have link but I got a email from Gallaudet University that there were a bomb threat in MSSD. It was false alarm.

Jeez , these days kids re getting crazier every minutes and its scary to think that they will be our caretakers someday. :eek:
i dont think my old school have bomb threat i dont know after im graduate at Kansas School for the Deaf 2000.

mostly school have bomb threat they going be cofirm as true or false
There also called bomb threat at MSSD this morning/afternoon, seem everything is ok so far... I dont know why any students want to call bomb threat? Which deaf schools will be next?
yeah.. i'm not surprised about that

university of minnesota also got bomb threat too as well but no bomb found. and they don't know who.. just a letter in a bathroom., my friend works at TSD as head of the security. I'll talk to him when I see him.
WTF!!!!! few days ago, saw tv news mentioned there was more than 15 bomb threats in California and yesterday a ponderosa high school shooting. People are crazy to do this!
Austin Police Department went to investigate and no updates since the location where the call has been made has been announced yet.
Today Kids is retard. prank at school for reason skip class...pfffftttt........copycat threat bomb or shooting in any building....pffffttttt. What is wrong today not like our age time.:crazy: