Dont know, but it's organised by Ear Foundation

Thats fantastic, let me know when you hear more about it... and thanks for your PM... very sweet of you.. will send you one later...
I can't remember what I Pm'ed you saying. PM me when you can

I'm so looking forward to my nephew's graduation party at the end of this month. It's gonna be so much fun! ;)
i'm looking foward to do the Manta Ray tubing! which flys in the air, been doing this once or twice a year since 2006! :cool2:

this is a picture what it looks like.

Looking forward to my son's 8th grade graduation, and onto high school next year....also my 3 son's birthday parties in July (all born in July)....also anticipation of moving to a 4BR house this summer....and of course, the beach!

Sounds nice!

I am thinking about moving too, I may be spending this summer looking for apartments for rent because my apartment complex, even though it has been remodeled, it has still gone to hell and is very shitty, it has gone to hell very fast in the last 3 years I've lived here. When I signed the lease, the apartment complex looked real elite and the area was very good. Now, it's the ghetto. Graffitis and gangs and trash everywhere. We always have to paint over the graffiti art that immature people have sprayed on our buildings, and the old management building burnt down last year (I suspect arson, probably some disgruntled ex-tenant torched the place, you never know!) we finally have a new management building on the same lot the old one burnt down on. Took forever to get it rebuilt! And for months on end we had NO mailboxes because the mailboxes were attached to the old management building that burnt down. Took like 6 months for the management to get the PO office people to come out and install the new mailboxes, we had to go to our PO office to pick up our mail, and that was so annoying because there are always LONG LINES!!! I always had to wait 30 mins to an hour in the line to pick up my damn mail! I think it's time I moved...everything has deteriorated to the point where it is now ghetto status. The grass in the yards are pretty much gone and all there is is dirt, because in Texas we are on water restriction and it hardly ever rains, this area is kind of semi-desert/semi-tropical, some sort weird kind of mix of the two...we have palm trees but we also have cactuses. And recently there was a robbery committed next door, the guy who was the victim, he moved out last month due to the robbery, he was scared out of his wits. As a result I've had to do things like put up large furniture up against my two patio doors so that if they try to get in the furniture will in the way and they can get knocked over, causing a lot of noises alerting the neighbors and possibly me via vibrations. I've also recently gotten a heavy wood stick that is as good as a baseball bat that I can do a lot of damage with (don't mess with me! :squint:) I have double locks on both regular doors (the one leading to outside and the other leading to the patio. A large recliner chair has been placed up against the regular door leading to the patio so that if the robber tries to get in through that door the door will be blocked and won't open wide enough for the robber to get in. I sleep with the wooden stick right next to my bed. Oh, and two of my outlets died two weeks ago...I was VERY sparked! I had plugged a lamp into that outlet, and there was a very big spark! Holy shit....and it killed the lamp. So, I have to avoid the two outlets as the management is not going to care very much about getting them fixed/ replaced. So I am minus two outlets, which means I have minus 4 places to plug in my shit, and I have a LOT of shit, so in order to make up for it I had to buy two multi-outlet panels (the ones with 6 outlets in it) and two extension cords because the things that I need to use are on the side of the room where the dead outlets are, so I have to connect them to the extension cords and plug them in the opposite side of the room. And the panels are to provide more outlets for the stuff that are on the opposite side of the room so that they can free up two outlets for the two extension cords that I needed to use. Ugh. And the oven don't work, all it does is make a lot of smoke, the microwave that came with my apartment doesn't work 100%, I have to constantly reheat my food over and over. The stove top still works, though. The toilet is getting a bit loose now, I hope I don't tip it over. And it always clogs up and I don't even throw toilet paper down the toilet...the toilets here are so bad that they cannot handle toilet paper at all so I have to toss the toilet paper in the trash can next to the toilet - I know that's gross but there really is nothing I can do about it, the hole in the toilet is just too small even for the least amount of toilet paper I try to use and I'm the kind of person that requires a LOT of toilet paper because I like for my ass to be CLEAN! A CLEAN ass is a MUST for me! Oh and the plumbing for the shower and the bathtub is fucked up so that if I try to run a bath when I turn the water on it also comes out of the shower head too, both the bathtub faucet and the shower head have a lot of water coming out from both at the same time, fucking annoying because I can't lie in the bathtub while the water is running, I don't like water in my face! So I have to let the water run while I wait and watch TV for a couple of minutes. Annoying! And the entire power grid here in this complex had just been replaced last summer yet we still have very frequent power outages just in the apartment complex, it happens all the time to the point where I invested $70 on emergency supplies for outages because I DO NOT LIKE THE PITCH BLACK DARK!!! And I don't like to use candles for two reasons - my balance is so bad that I could trip and fall and if I have a candle in my hand while that happens, I'm fucked. Also because I have cats, and they are always knocking over shit, so no way! No more candles! I invested in a good electrical battery-powered lantern that is really good, I love it very much. I don't have to worry about fires with the battery-powered lantern. I just think I am too accident prone to even think about risking candles, no way! But I always worry about the possible idiot neighbors who don't know how to properly handle candles and other flames. I don't want my apartment to burn down! I REALLY DO NOT want to be homeless AGAIN for the 2nd time in 4 years. I was homeless for 11 MONTHS last time, living on a shitty farm with 7 other weirdo shady people and one bathroom, and no high speed internet because it was in Bumfuck, Minnesota - it is so fucking rural that there is not any grocery stores for miles and miles and it was not wired for high speed internet yet, it just recently became available about 3 months ago, from what I know from a friend who was living on the same farm but has recently moved away (I don't blame her because she was living in a very weird situation). And a neighbor in my building is so nasty and so gross and doesn't ever clean so he has roaches and other bugs in his apartment and they come into mine and other people's apartment through the vents. And the roaches are so huge, it's gross. Big fat roaches, 1 inch long and thick! Recently I had a lizard living in my apartment but I don't mind lizards as I used to have an iguana but had to give it to a friend because I lost my apartment and the iguana would NOT survive in the kind of environment that the farm was in (you don't want to know). I'm used to lizards. The carpets we have are cheap shit, not the nice kind so they don't really last long. There's no padding under it, so we are on concrete. And the central AC and heating costs a fortune for me every month. I would have been better off with the good old AC box because I only had to pay $30/month with the AC box back in my old apartment in it's costing me between $70 to $100 or more and I am on SS and SSI, so my income is very limited. The apartment management has jacked up the rent so come October when I renew my lease (if I don't move) I have to start paying $100 more than what my rent is, and I cannot afford it, or I will have to give up all utilities except electricity in order to be able to pay rent, that would mean no internet, no phone, no VP. And I will have to start using the AC much less or even stop completely and it gets hotter than hell here in TX, we often have temperatures in the triple digits. (100 F and higher!) And in the winter I will have to completely refrain from ever using the heating as it is not really needed, it is mostly used for comfort and it doesn't really get cold enough to kill me, we rarely hit the 50s. I'd just have to bundle up and stay under my blankets. I won't be very happy about it but if that's what I gotta do to avoid homelessness again I will do it. I will have to sell my computer and my TVs in order to pay the rent too if I have to. I am thankful I get plenty of food stamps so I won't starve and I can eat all I want (my pantry is overstuffed with a lot of food and so is the freezer as well as the refrigerator and ALL the cabinets. I'd like to work but I can't as I need to take care of my health first. I can't maintain a job if I keep waking up with my joints locked and in a lot of pain too often. They won't like it if I call in sick too many times and I'd lose my job anyway because of that and it's not worth it to do that. Especially in this currently fragile economy, they'd be more likely to fire or lay off people they feel aren't "reliable" in order not to lose too much money, and right now I feel I am not reliable enough to not get fired or laid off. Welcome to the ghetto life I guess. Oh well. I saw an apartment complex offering a real good special - $59 to move in, but I wonder what the rent would be for the simplest 1br 1ba apartment with appliances and if it allows cats. Also, the other thing is that it is on a VERY busy highway, and I don't really like that because I am Deaf and even with my CI I'm still afraid I'd get hit by a car whose driver lost control or overcorrected and fucked up and hits me. I do not want to be walking along the highway, there are no sidewalks, and I would be too close to the cars. The speed limit there is 45 or 60, I believe, I know it's pretty fast because I was just on this highway today coming back here from Sunshine Cottage where I was helping out TAD with their stuff for the upcoming conference. I'm paranoid about getting hit by cars to the point where I either bike or walk FACING traffic so that I can SEE the cars...I don't want to be walking with my back to the traffic, I can't see what is happening behind me, what if a driver loses control and I don't know it? I could get killed! I need to SEE the traffic so that if it happens I can see it and jump out of the way. I also really want to get a flat or a small house in a nice quiet neighborhood like where my fiance lives (I can't live at his place because it's his grandparents' house, no room for me and my cats). We're considering going to my fiance's dad's landlady to see if she has anything she can offer because she's supposedly a very reliable and good landlady, all of my fiance's family rents from her, and they all live in the same neighborhood, I and my fiance would like to get a flat or a house in the same neighborhood because it's nicer but not "elite" so it's still affordable and we'd be close to all of his family, and it's also important because my fiance's grandparents are getting on in their senior years and his grandfather has a heart condition and diabetes, so we need to keep our eyes on them to make sure they are OK and to help them if something happens. The neighborhood is very modest but also well kept, nice small houses that don't have graffiti or whatever. Not elite but also not ghetto status. Not even middle class, but still nice. The people there are still below poverty line but there is less crime and it looks very nice and clean there, good neighbors there. Kids can play in the streets there, because we have SO MANY speed bumpers in the neighborhood like for every 30 feet (yeah, I think he speed bumpers are so annoying but it's necessary for the children's safety, so I put up with it, I wouldn't want to hit a kid or even an adult, I would never ever forgive myself if I did!). I also am tired of having to share walls with neighbors and worrying about if my music is too loud or disturbing the neighbors, I'd like to have the freedom to blast my music in my place, and if I get a house I can do that (I don't use the crazy huge speakers with the big bass things, wish I could but I can't, I just have the small speakers that I just bought today that is supposed to provide enough bass but is still small enough and shouldn't disturb the neighbors too much during the day. And right now my new neighbors that I share a wall with are so annoying, they blast their music at 6 AM :mad2:, and the head of the bed was pushed up against the same wall that I share with them, it's so annoying that I've had to pull my bed about 1 foot away from the wall so that I would get less vibration from the wall coming to my bed and be able to continue sleeping (I ain't an early riser, I don't believe in the "getting to bed early, getting up before sunrise" bullshit. Oh and a couple of month someone got into my patio and took a huge shit right there in front of my sliding door, OMG my room stank so bad, and it took forever to find the source. Then I just happened to look out the sliding door glass, and I saw the huge pile of shit right there, ugh! O.o And I had to CLEAN IT UP...thank goodness for the disposable latex gloves! Ugh...I hate this neighborhood, it's the fucking ghetto. Well at least it is better than living on that farm with the 7 other people and only 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom! We had children having to share a single bed there with their mother, etc. And about 90% of the time the mother was never ever around, I was the one that had to mind the boys. The owner of the house was supposed to mind the boys, the mother asked him to and he said yes but he actually could not because he had to work full time plus overtime, 12+ hours 7 days a week so he had no time to mind the boys so I was the one minding the boys because their mother sleeps around with other men all over the state as well as fucking the owner of the house so she is never ever around, she lets the boys run loose like feral cats, and she lets the teen boy have sex, I don't even know if he even uses protection, I believe he was 13. I've walked in on the mother fucking the owner of the house a couple of times, yuck. 50 years old guy and the mother who looks 70 but is really 40 due to smoking fucking, yuck, seriously, ew. And the owner of the house also has a ex girlfriend who would not stop coming around and annoying him, and he also still fucks her anyway, too, and then when he's done he kicks her out. He hates her, he only wants the sex. He's had told me to keep the ex girlfriend out of the house when he's not home and I had to do that as he is the owner of the house and I had to do it if I want to keep a roof over my head. I tell her to stay out and I even tell her it is not worth it as he is abusive towards her anyway but she's stubborn and keeps coming around and I think it's for the sex, she's said she doesn't care if he hits her or whatever, and then when he does she cries about it, no matter how many I and a friend have told her that she should stay away for her own safety she just won't stop coming around, the owner could have gotten a restraining order but he doesn't bother to do it. The owner of the house is also so dumb that he has bonfires in the WOODS...where all the trees are so close that if the bonfire gets very big the result would be in a devastating forest fire, but he doesn't care, so I had to mind the bonfires myself too for my own safety just so I can still have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. He liked to dump the gas on the fire just to make it so big so he can burn shit he doesn't want to as he is too lazy to take the shit to the local dumpster. I now have nightmares of the farm, ugh, at least I know how to "wake" myself from nightmares, cause in all my nightmares I question whether it is a nightmare or reality, and I blink several times and I almost always wake up, thankfully. Oh well that's life under the poverty line, I guess. At least this apartment is a million time better than the farm, even with all the issues that I have with the apartment and the neighbors. It's still very ghetto but there is still a big difference, it's like night and day, seriously. All because I have no roommates here this time around, thank goodness. I will never trust any roommates except my fiance, cause roommates can cause shit that will result in my homelessness like last time. I really do not need this much drama! :shock::roll: I've had enough drama to last me a hundred lifetimes!

Sorry for the vent but I just had to say what I had in my head.

Hope you will be very happy in the new house, I'm pretty surprised you were able to get your hands on a 4br house in this very shitty and fragile economy. Did you just get lucky or got a good deal? Whatever it is, I'm very happy for you and your kids. The more room the better, especially if you have children who like to run around! Children are children! :)