AllDeaf Upgrade

Hey Alex :cool: --- Great job.. :thumb:
Wolfboy said:
Yea I notice that when I came on. Pretty cool Alex. Man you work to hard trying to keep this updating. Dont you ever get some rest? Take a break with your girl. :mrgreen:
That's what I do when I take breaks -- spend time with my girlfriend. Thanks for the suggestion, though. :)
javapride said:
hey alex, i can see ur working on this now LOL, umm my opioion can u change that color to blue for the forums that has been recently posted and the offline and online button as well too? back to yellow its attention getter and all while the blue i didn t know there was new posting and etc. just my thoughts im sure others will just make comments on it as well :)
Just wanted the button colors to match the site's overall color scheme. I'll keep "yellow" in mind for the next site makeover. ;)
knightwolf68 said:
*scratch my head* where is buddy list ?? I couldn't find anywhere oh ummm...
The memberlist is back for viewing. It was temporarily disabled earlier but now it's back.
ChelEler said:
Check into the avatar situation too, please. Thanks.
Avatars are enabled. I didn't realize it was turned off after the upgrade. You can change avatars by going to your control panel. :thumb:
Hi there, I'm wondering what happened to AD now... is it meant to be like this? It looks odd and is harder for me to read everything now. Thanks for your help. :/