"After the Silence"


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Nov 24, 2003
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Have any of you seen this film?

It is about a neglected deaf girl, is routinely beaten by her father, but her case falls through the cracks of the system because her family never taught her sign language and she can't identify her attacker to others.

I was so disappointed that this film wasn't captioned or had offer English subtitles since this is about the deaf. Doesn't it make you mad when you see movies about the deaf, doesn't appears to have closed caption or English subtitles? It doesn't make no sense..
Yes I do hate that. Too bad. Seems like one I would like it it had captions or subtitles.
Indie films?

Those ones don't seems to get subtitles unless they are foreign films.

Eh? That movie was made for TV, it was seen on Lifetime channel, now they have it on DVD. Sometimes when movies were made for TV, some of them aren't captioned when it's on DVD.
So... it's an indie film.

Sucks! A lot of movies that involve the deaf are indie.


I haven't seen it on Lifetime, If I had, it would have been captioned. :(
I have seen this and it does have captions
NM it's not the same film. The one I found was "After Silence" and it has something to do with Japanese Americans right after WWII
That's a shame, Cheri...I get aggravated when they don't caption the lifetime movies. Makes me really mad, but what can you do? I would suggest writing to the network, maybe? It probably wouldn't make a difference unless hundreds of people write but at least you are saying your piece. If you want, you can even petition them.

IMHO, it's a bit ironic that this particular film features a deaf individual and does not support captioning, LOL.