new here

  1. Inspired85

    Stutterer Learning ASL

    So I've been stuttering pretty much my whole life. They said it would go away by now, but I think it's here for keeps. I've done the therapies, downloaded a breathing App, but nothing seems to work. I stutter when I sing, I stutter in front of my kids...I even stutter in my dreams! I fear it's...
  2. Nickinitus

    I feel like this is some AA meeting

    Hello, my name is Nick (28). I've always had a slight hearing problem but last 3 years after University it got worse. I got tininitus, it's my fault for not protecting my ears. I'm very outgoing but it made me close myself off and I don't want to talk about it to my friends or family because I...
  3. Moonlit Rosettes

    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    Hi, I go by many different nicknames: Xan, Rose, Nuke, Hey You (variously followed by With The Glasses, With The Wheelchair, or With The Cane); take your pick. Anything but Late For Dinner, lol! I’m 24 and currently in college for my software development degree. I was recently diagnosed with...
  4. Amycare360

    I’m new here

    Look for a serious relationship that will last forever if possible
  5. Snowiii

    Hello everyone

    I was just recommended by a friend to join this website. Even though I am not deaf , I've had experience with EU Portuguese sign language and had a friendship with a deaf person. Sadly wasn't enough for me to become 100% fluent. So I decided to join this website. I would love to meet new people...
  6. Kaitlyn Moore

    Looking for deaf friends

    I started learn ASL in the fall and now I want to start meeting deaf people and actually see what I can do I want to make friends in new places and just get better
  7. Tim Truett

    Single dad with deaf 5-year-old daughter

    Hello. My five year old daughter has been gradually losing her hearing and now has no Hearing in one ear and less than 10% left in the other. She had other special needs as well which made it a little harder to diagnose than in a typical child, so now we are trying to learn to adapt to a new...
  8. melenope

    Hey! a newbie here

    Hi everyone,I am very new to this forum i just signed 2minutes ago and i couldnt wait to share something. I have hearing loss on my both hears but we don't know the reason,okay i have this loss for nearly 5 years,you guys are kind of familiar to this so i dont feel 'embarrased' share kind of...
  9. Katie Cross

    Hiya! i'm new! i'd really love to meet some friends!

    I am currently an ASL hearing student, and I am very passionate about deaf culture and sign! I hope to make friends who are willing to help me dive deeper in my studies and expand my Knowledge! I have a glide and I also speak french! Thanks!!!:party:
  10. miyaki17

    Hearing pixie from san francisco

    Hello everyone, I'm a hearing woman from San Francisco. I'm currently learning ASL, and would love to make new friends who are also learning and/or fluent. I am here with open arms and intend to be more aware of Deaf Culture. Please feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to, or...
  11. MarieK1983

    Hi, My Name Is Marie, I Am Deaf And Am Looking For New Friends

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie i am 33 years old, deaf, single, looking for new friends. tried to look for deaf chatrooms, support, etc. But have not found any that are deaf friendly. I'm deaf and have been teased all my life because of it.