Vent about JavaPride


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I got something here to say about Javapride...


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, our dear Ohana friend!
Happy birthday to you!

And many, many more cuppa coffee for ya!


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*phew* I am releived that Javapride is okay... I thought something wrong with her as I spot the title...

mmmmhhhh :lol:



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hhehehehe thanks u ALL LOL at DD for doing that!

Thanks again for the little suprise Love u all!

had a nice 35th b day enjoyed the b day dinner but the big party's ( 2 of them) is on sat and then oct 6th since some deaf friends of mine cldn't make tonights dinner and family outting :)

thanks to all my friends who made my day wishing me a nice b day :) love u all!


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When I saw this title for the topic I thought uh oh does DreamDeaf has a massive beef with JavaPride?? Then I looked in there.. lol good one, DD ya certainly had some folks scratching their heads and saying "WTF?!" to that topic, I would think so...

Anywaya, JavaPride, happy birthday and many many more to come... do enjoy your special day and hey, hoot it up eh!