Use of the "past" sign?


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I'm trying to learn ASL/PSE by PSE signing songs, a lot like the videos you find online, but in my attempts to translate songs I found a statement "I swore I had a heart" which had two past tense statements in one sentence, and "There was a part of me I shared" I don't know how to express "was".


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:bye: is an ASL dictionary that will come in handy. Remember to stay creative, but correct in the language. A statement like, " I swore I had a heart" could be:
*Open hand, Middle finger to chest- heart*
*Same place, both hands, first fingers linked then spreading apart. Like, you're opening your chest and exposing your heart.*
*Facial expressions like, lost, where, etc.*
Little body movements and jolts will keep it theatrical, which they appreciate. So does convincing facial gestures.
Let me know if you understand. I think that these signs would let deaf people know that.."you swore you had a heart" lol
Good luck and Happy Signing!