since I made 4k posts over the weekend...


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time to dedicate to alex and few friends who had been my freinds thoughout years in here and and out of this site... ;)

javapride- thanks for being my friend for long time.. time to take :whip: out and be wild cat right? :giggle:

RR- even tho we don't chat that much but I enjoy our chats on IMs and you are the wonderful moderator for this site don't ever change ;)

cheri- I enjoy reading your posts your posts make me smile...

for last 4 1/2 years.. does sound right equal 4k posts? ;)


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congrats purrise ur catching up to me now got to come up with 2 more ks now eh???? :-D have fun posting more gurl HUGS!

and ur welcome for the friendship...