Post your gas prices Part II

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$1.49 for the cheapest grade in Iowa this afternoon. I spent under $20 at the gas station. Yay!!

Iowa, eh?

Here I filled up this morning for 1.37


My company specializes in investments, and I can tell you that Gas prices ARE going down, again. As of right now, 13 cents a gallon more.


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Lowest is 1.64 but we fill our tanks up at BJ's (wholesale store) for 1.67. Yesterday it was 1.74. In Erie, PA I think it was 1.69. Not too bad...:)


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The gas has went up here. :(

This morning I filled up my car @ $1.55 a gal on my way to work. After I got off work, I passed by the same gas station where I had filled up at this morning, It went up to $1.75 a gal.

At least it isn't in the $4 mark right now, so I should be at least a bit happy about that but on the other hand, ugh - I didn't want to see it crawling up slowly.