Pls Pray for My Mom


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Hello it's been so long time since last time i check AD...and I would like request ur pray for My mom bec She will have surgery on her's back this Thursday morning when she will arrive to hopstial in monring before havin surgery on her's back So I will be with her this Thursday and I will let y'all know abt her's back surgery update on Friday..and pls pray for my mom and i'll update to let y'all know how my mom doing after surgery finish and thanks :) ..pls Mod sticky on my thread to keep pray


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Mod Note: Thread will remain sticky for the time being.

Hey sis LostPanther, you got my thoughts and prayers for your mom. Do keep us updated please!

I hope everything turns out all right and your mom to soon be on a speedy road to recovery.:fingersx:


Lovely BlkGal, your mom is in my thoughts and prayers for
speedy recovery from her surgery!! God Bless!


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Hey LovelyblkGurl, been awhile since I last talked to you, of course I'll keep your mother in my prayers, take care and it's really good to hear from you again. :hug:


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She'll be in whatever it is that I do and will be in my thoughts as well. My aunt had back surgery and she seems to be doing just fine so I hope your mom recovers as good as or better than my aunt did.


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Hey Girl, Your mom is in my prayers and I wish the best for her to have a good recovery. It is understandable to be worried and concerned but please do hang in there. :hug: We all will be thinking of you through this time. :ily: