Nice to meet you guys!


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Hello everyone!

I was recently introduced to ASL through a friend during the summer of 2017. During that time I practiced (almost religiously, without consistency/persistence a language cannot be learned). Most of the time was spent doing individual research and practicing fingerspelling/word structure/words through the amazing styling of Bill Vicars videos (god bless youtube), TheDailyMoth, music interpreting, and books. Unfortunately, due to the lack participants in my appointed ASL class, classes have been cancelled (they didn't even start and Irma is not helping). As a result, I have not be properly trained through a member of the deaf community face-to-face (boooo). Also, I haven't been able to find a deaf community in close proximity (meetup app and such). I joined the forum in order to connect with other people from a different walk of life than I. I completely respect and understand if I am overstepping my boundaries (being hearing and entering a space that is not culturally my own).