Humm... We All Missed This!


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Did anyone ever see Lake Tahoe's avatar? and the dates above the picture?

Go look.

It shows a pair of hands with wedding rings on, and the date 9-26-2007.

How did all of us miss it?

Meanwhile, Lake Tahoe and DieHardBiker, congratulations on your marriage!!!

Spill the beans, and show the pictures!!!


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Congrats to LakeTahoe and DieHardBiker on your marriage! Hope you both will have a great future ahead for a long time.



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Yea, I read about it in another thread that Freaky Cat just posted, and even Congratulated them already.

I'm happy for the both of them, They deserve each others. ;)


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Congrats to Lake Tahoe and her hubby... may your marriage be blessed and wonderful for years to come!!


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Congratulations! I didn't realise you were getting married to each other. That's lovely :)