Hey it's me and christlovedeaf


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Yes sista I know Christlovedeaf very well since i meet him 3 or 4 yr ago :)

haha! Christlovedeaf

Yep! he is hugs me like terrybear *smh* LOL!


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Cool pixes--betcha the two of you and others had a good time that night. Anyhow, thanks for sharing with AD'ers. ;)



Prayers for my dad.
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Barely hard to see... (chuckles)

i can see that christlovedeaf squeeze you like teddy bear!
Yep hard to see just like Galaxyangel stated, Look like he loves you as a friend of course, Lovelyblkgirl the way he hug you like that, sounds like he's a sweet guy. ;)

Glad you two had fun.


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LOL yeah I see that her glasses almost fell off, it's really hard to see the picture cause it so small, but glad you two met and had a good time too, I could tell by looking at the picture.. :smiling:


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Haha!! i was try move little more light it's can see better clear the pix but He is soo sqeeze on me! but good thing my glass ani't fell off hahahha and thanks GUYS! yepper he is great friend to me ;)

Veryfunni RebelGirl and Cheri!

Haha DeafMonkey but good thing its not flat on my face :P

But i will try take pix more clear so y'all can see better again later if i see him again at deaf club someday