Here's my story....


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Jan 24, 2017
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My name is Jennifer and here's a little about me.

My mom noticed something was wrong when my dad whispered "I love you" in my left ear when I was 3. I moved his head to my right side. He said it and I repeated it. He did it again to my left I shook my head and moved his to my right again. My mom saw all of this and knew something was wrong. The next week I saw an Otolaryngologis (who I still see to this day). I was given a bunch of tests and it was confirmed, I was deaf in my left ear. The Dr., my parents, no one knew what had caused this. I was taken home and treated just like my brother and sister but I was very different! I couldn't hear everything around me. Fast forward to school years, I was made to feel I was dumb or treated like I was stupid because I couldn't hear the teacher from the other kids talking or yelling. I got tired of telling people that I was deaf in one ear. People where mean and crude. I dropped out my Junior year and got my GED. I moved away and became a nanny for a lovely family in another state. After that I came home, married the military man of my dreams and now I have 2 teenagers of my own. I now have Cros B hearing aids and I'm finally able to join in the conversations at dinner when out to dinner. I'm also trying to learn PSE/ASL in my spare time. I have trouble finding/ keeping a job because of my hearing situation.


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Jun 8, 2004
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Thank you for sharing your story.