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I went to doctor with my older sister. I hear my niece or nephew's heartbeat.

It was so excited! :wave:


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Congrats on soon to be an Aunt!

Will it be your first time being an Aunt?
Yes it is my first time
Congrats!! :)
Thank you
Wow, you have super-hearing. What's next?
Super speech?:wave:
congratulations!! :)
thank you
Sounded like a washing machine, Didn't it?
oh yeah

Congrats, CrzyMeg!!! You soon will be an Auntie! :D
Thank you


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That's sooo wonderful news to hear!! I am so excited for you too!!! I am a first time AUNTIE too to my sister in law... my nephew... he is so precious! :) He loves me very much... he kept laughing at me because I made good funny noises such like animal noises... he kept laughing... coo coo!!

SO CUTE! I miss him very much! :(