Cedar Point for the Deaf Awareness Day


Prayers for my dad.
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I can't go, I'll be working. But, I'm going to CP in July with the wedding party. ;)


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We only live 2 hrs away, so my fiance & I plan to go there next month for a week vacation up North.

If my friends plan to go there, then we can go there again. :)


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i'm going. i hope we can all meet. i'd like to get more deaf friends! if you recognize me please come greet me!


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Bummer that same day will have Deaf Awareness Day at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO sponsor by MCDHH (Jefferson City, MO) :eek: Aug. 4th, 2007


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Can't go that weekend but I did went there earlier this month on RR and Angel's wedding weekend and had tons of fun! ;)


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i can't go there i just got back from my vacation i need rest but i was there during RR N Angel's wedding weekend i had blast


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I'm not gonna either cuz already went to CP last july 8th plus I have good reason due $$ wrong time for me this yr so it will alway next yr 2008 of sumer during deaf awareness day :)