hard of hearing

  1. melenope

    Hey! a newbie here

    Hi everyone,I am very new to this forum i just signed 2minutes ago and i couldnt wait to share something. I have hearing loss on my both hears but we don't know the reason,okay i have this loss for nearly 5 years,you guys are kind of familiar to this so i dont feel 'embarrased' share kind of...
  2. Abigail Enos


    first things first, I am hearing, but my dad is hard of hearing so I'm learning ASL just in case he goes completely deaf. I am a freshman in hs in America. Looking for deaf friends or people willing to help with my ASL!!! My instagram is @gail_the_biggest_fail
  3. Steve Sawyer

    Signing with deaf friends

    I am hard-of-hearing--totally deaf in my left ear. I am learning ASL online. I am interested in meeting deaf or other hard-of-hearing friends in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area to meet and practice signing with. I am available both nights and days. stevesaw@gmail.com
  4. Vanessa Escalante

    No Interpreter For Two Months For School!

    I'm a senior in hs and this year I started to really embrace my deafness as a part of me. I've also started to accept that sometimes I need help. Especially with school. I've gotten FM systems and my seat changed in my classes but that not help. I ask for interpreter about three weeks ago and I...
  5. Vanessa Escalante

    Hard Of Hearing Student.. Looking For Friends!

    Hi! My name is Vanessa. I'm just here looking for new friends. Feel free to message me here, on kik, skype. I almost always respond kik: the_sixthstring skype: mansukipower
  6. A

    Am I Hard Of Hearing?

    When i am in normal day conversations, I find myself asking "what" a lot. I can be a couple of feet away from someone and not be able to understand what they are saying. Last week in class I was having a conversation with two people in front of me. They could understand each other fine even...
  7. A

    I Wanna Make Some Friends!!

    I was deaf when I was younger and I'm trying to re-learn some asl, and i was looking to make some new friends who were deaf or hard of hearing :)
  8. A

    I'm Amanda, Looking To Make Some Friends!

    I was deaf when I was younger, and even though I'm lucky enough to be hearing now, I was interested in meeting new people who were deaf or hard of hearing.
  9. mdeitsch5

    New To This Community

    Hello. My name is McKenzie. Technically yes I am "hearing". I use quotes because I'm pretty much hard of hearing in my left hear only. Which initially means I can hear just fine unless you speak softly while standing on my left side. I have been learning sign language purely because I want to...
  10. Niki Metcalf

    19, Hearing, Looking To Learn And Make Friends

    Hi! My name is Niki and I'm new to this site. I'm 19 years old from NY and I am currently taking ASL in college. During the school year the ASL professors I have had are deaf so I was able to learn a lot and practice with them. Since it is the summer and I am back at home it is hard for me to...
  11. WrenchWench

    Fighting School For Interpreter

    I am a hard of hearing student in my last year of college. Throughout my elementary and high school years I struggled to keep up and relied on reading lips to communicate. Last year I was made aware that there was a disabled student center on campus and that they offered assistance to Deaf...
  12. WrenchWench

    Transitioning To Deaf Community

    Hello all! I am hard of hearing ( completely dead in one ear, and have only 60% hearing in he other. ) Even thought I learned ASL when I was younger, I have relied on lip reading my whole life. I went to main stream hearing school and was not offered interpreter. I am now in college and...