1. Alesander Carson

    Regionals for quiz bowl...

    Today, I'm competing against other schools to see who goes forward to state and as some of you would already infer, it's very difficult to hear the questions, especially from moderators who aren't experienced as others. So when me and my teammates ask them to repeat the question and they say no...
  2. Alesander Carson


    I got accepted into PennState! Toxicology major, I really wonder if there is an ASL class close to there, or a deaf group. I hope so.
  3. Jetti

    Hearing-deaf wedding

    Hi everyone! I'm hearing and my fiance is Deaf. We are planning to have our wedding June 1, 2018 on the beach. My future husband will be the only Deaf person there. As of right now, we have an interpreter friend who has agreed to officiate. For the reception, we will plan to hire a different...
  4. Alesander Carson


    It's my first day on and I already cannot wait to meet people that are just like me, and that understand me. This should be way more popular than it is and really should have a mobile application that could be downloaded. I'm really wishing that I would've located this community the second my...
  5. E

    I have a few questions to you

    Hello! I have some question for you all. I am a signlanguage interpreter student in Sweden, and I really admire all deaf/hard of hearing people. My questions are: What do you think of hearing people who want to learn signlanguage? Is it good/bad, do you have patience with them? I know alot...
  6. nana_tech

    Deaf individuals in bay area

    Hi all, I recently moved to the Bay starting work as a software engineer and I am having a difficult time making friends here. I was wondering if anyone would know of any deaf events or deaf people looking to hang out. I am also looking to meet deaf engineers. It would be interesting to learn of...
  7. A

    Meeting deaf or hoh teens

    Hello, my name is Alex and I'm 17 years of age living in northern California and I am hearing. I have a very close friend named Eddie who is deaf. I used to hang out with him quite a bit and one of the first things he told me was that its hard for HOH and deaf teens and kids to become friends...
  8. Learnoholic

    Looking for deaf friends to skype with and have awesome conversations with :d

    Hi everyone! I'm Ana, and I'm looking for some Deaf people who I hope will be more than strangers but friends to Skype with! I'm learning ASL by myself online, not for credit or as a requirement, or because I have any relatives that are Deaf. I'm just learning it because I absolutely love the...
  9. M

    Deaf dog to be killed 12-23-16

    /23/16 **** A volunteer writes: We think the “special” in SPECIAL needs should be permanently capitalized, because, they’re, well, more special than needy! And Maui is no exception-as a deaf dog, she might come with a few extra requirements and a little more patience, but it only makes her...
  10. J


    Hi anyone's
  11. J

    School project ... deaf opinions needed!

    Hello! I am a high schooler who participates in a science/engineering fair. Basically, we must create something. My friend and I came up with an idea to connect a voice sensor to a vibrating motor. This means when a certain word or sound is heard, the object will vibrate. We made this focusing...
  12. Steve Sawyer

    Signing with deaf friends

    I am hard-of-hearing--totally deaf in my left ear. I am learning ASL online. I am interested in meeting deaf or other hard-of-hearing friends in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area to meet and practice signing with. I am available both nights and days.
  13. K

    Mobile device for my deaf parents

    Hi all, I am currently looking to purchase my parents first mobile phone so they can contact me or my brother during emergencies while we are away. Both my parents hearing is very poor (only large vibrations and noises register). It is very difficult to teach my parents new things when it...
  14. MarieK1983

    Hi, My Name Is Marie, I Am Deaf And Am Looking For New Friends

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie i am 33 years old, deaf, single, looking for new friends. tried to look for deaf chatrooms, support, etc. But have not found any that are deaf friendly. I'm deaf and have been teased all my life because of it.
  15. Ken Thomas

    Please Help Us Help Mi Asl Interpreters And Deaf Community

    Good afternoon. My name is Ken Thomas. I am writing you today to ask for advice, help, and support on behalf of the Deaf and Sign Language Community in Michigan. New legislature has affected around 1.2 million in the state. Many Interpreters who have been doing so for decades can no longer do...
  16. Jetti

    Non-signing Hearing Partners?

    Hello, everyone! One of my Deaf friends recently married a hearing man who she had been dating for 5 years. He does not sign. I believe he knows a few basic signs, but he normally talks and she lipreads and listens with her CI. When I found out about this, I was shocked. I am hearing and my...
  17. A

    I Wanna Make Some Friends!!

    I was deaf when I was younger and I'm trying to re-learn some asl, and i was looking to make some new friends who were deaf or hard of hearing :)
  18. A

    I'm Amanda, Looking To Make Some Friends!

    I was deaf when I was younger, and even though I'm lucky enough to be hearing now, I was interested in meeting new people who were deaf or hard of hearing.
  19. J


    Hello, this is my first post and I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Stefan and I'm deaf. I'm from Wisconsin. Hopefully this forum will help me meet some new friends; especially in Texas because We will be moving there by the end of September. I grew up in mainstream school all the...
  20. Shauna Louise Byrne

    Any Irish Folks?

    I live in Dublin, Ireland. I'm 24, deaf since I was 3 from contracting starlet fever. I've high frequency lost. I wear two hearing aids. I can hear without them but wearing two makes life much easier and less stressful. Although I do love to come home, take them out and ignore the hussel and...