1. W

    Difficulties while traveling

    Hi everyone, I am Niels. I am a student from the Netherland. For a schoolproject we are developing a travelapp for deaf people. We would like to know what kind of difficulties you face when travelling or doing activities (musea, restuarant etc.) and what are you needs while travelling. With...
  2. N

    Question-Venture Name-Course Project

    Hello! My Name is Noam (female), and I am a college student going into my second year now. I am currently in a joint course with students from a different college, that is all about innovation. As part of this course, we are required, in groups, to come up with an innovative idea to sell locally...
  3. S

    App myvoice ios app - no more lipreading and clear dictation

    Hi Everyone - I created an iOS app for my father who is deaf and it is called "App MyVoice". He grew up with lipreading and in a hearing household, so he had to speak growing up and starting learning ASL later in life. He often told me how difficult it is to lipread (only 30% accurate, at best)...
  4. Chuck Smith

    Find other deaf people with amikumu?

    We’ve been working on an app called Amikumu to help people find nearby language partners. Then I remembered using ASL as a teenager to connect to Deaf people around me. Now it seems to me that since the Deaf community is widespread, this would be an ideal way to find and connect with other Deaf...
  5. D

    Asl Learning App For Young Children

    Hi everyone! I am trying to develop a free app that will help young children who are hearing impaired or have parents who are, learn ASL. I'm trying to get as much information as possible from people in the community who have children, or learned ASL as a child. What would you be looking for in...