App myvoice ios app - no more lipreading and clear dictation


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Aug 30, 2017
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Hi Everyone - I created an iOS app for my father who is deaf and it is called "App MyVoice". He grew up with lipreading and in a hearing household, so he had to speak growing up and starting learning ASL later in life. He often told me how difficult it is to lipread (only 30% accurate, at best) and doesn't feel comfortable speaking (because of deaf accent). So I looked for a way to leverage technology to help him, and after having him test the App MyVoice for a while, I decided to publish it in the iTunes App Store to help other deaf people.

The app has pre-recorded audio tracks so he doesn't need to speak anymore, and the audio tracks are very clear, unlike the mechanical sounding tracks that sound like Siri or Alexa.

The app also has text-to-speech option, in case the pre-recorded tracks don't have what deaf users want to say. They can type into their iPhone/iPad and it will read aloud what they want to say, in the Siri mechanical voice. It also uses this technology to convert speech-to-text, so deaf users don't need to lipread and can read what the hearing person is saying.

Wanted to post here so others could be aware of it, because it has helped him communicate much better with hearing people at work, restaurants, friends, and family. I hope others can benefit from it, too. The link to the website is here: