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    App myvoice ios app - no more lipreading and clear dictation

    Hi Everyone - I created an iOS app for my father who is deaf and it is called "App MyVoice". He grew up with lipreading and in a hearing household, so he had to speak growing up and starting learning ASL later in life. He often told me how difficult it is to lipread (only 30% accurate, at best)...
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    Could an app that translates sign language to text be useful?

    Hello Everyone! My name is Jay, I am currently completing a 4 year Bsc Computer Science degree. I am making my Final Year Project where I am planning to make a Sign language translation application which translates sign language into typed text. I want to develop an application that will...
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    Mobile device for my deaf parents

    Hi all, I am currently looking to purchase my parents first mobile phone so they can contact me or my brother during emergencies while we are away. Both my parents hearing is very poor (only large vibrations and noises register). It is very difficult to teach my parents new things when it...