Mobile device for my deaf parents

Kozan Fahri

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Oct 1, 2016
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Hi all,

I am currently looking to purchase my parents first mobile phone so they can contact me or my brother during emergencies while we are away.

Both my parents hearing is very poor (only large vibrations and noises register). It is very difficult to teach my parents new things when it comes to technology as they only know simple words and do not follow any of the official sign languages.

Therefore the ideal phone, would be quite large in size (similar to a Samsung Galaxy Note size) and very simple.
The main features we would require being simple to use text phone - as any amplified sound won't serve any great use. Are there any suggestions of any phone currently on the market?

I have had a look on deaf charity's in the UK but none of the products they offer seem to be what I am looking for.- Is there an app - that could be of better use also???

Thank You all :)

I had an idea until I came to this part "in the UK" I am in the States and it appears that this site has more of us from the USA as members.

Good Luck in your search.
You might want to look into a pay-as-you-go plan. If this is an emergency phone or minimally used phone you can avoid higher plan charges. I just returned from London a few days ago. Virgin Media was widely advertised there. They have pay as you go SIMs and pay as you go phones if you don't have one already. They have specific Text and Data plans that are good for deaf instead of requiring a voice plan.

- Although it is a .com they are based in the UK.

The largest prepaid phone I see is 5.0 in where the Note is 5.7 so not quite as large. You might find more options if you visit one of there stores.

Doro also makes phones that are specifically designed to be easy to use: