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  1. SimonJ

    Sick of the Snow?

    I am so glad we are in the middle of summer here! :)
  2. SimonJ

    Hi - SSD with CI

    The only SSD I know is Solid State Drive, I'm confused.
  3. SimonJ

    How Much Does Your State Fine For Texting and Driving?

    I think the guy whose head was found in the back seat paid the fair price.
  4. SimonJ

    Windows 8.1 .....

    Yes there is a start button but there is still no start menu, what a fail! lol Fixes are available : Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements Main Page - Linux Mint
  5. SimonJ

    help me out?

    It might help if you said where you are, you are supposed to actually meet the person you interview?
  6. SimonJ

    HOH- being caught in the middle

    I get that, on the bus going over the (electric) train lines it is awful but even proximity to cables can buzz in my ears. I also wonder if there is a way I could just go deaf and not have to put up with the odd sounds I hear, it is not especially useful and causes daily problems.
  7. SimonJ


    It's livened things up around here! :-D
  8. SimonJ

    A policeman pulls a man over...

    I'd rather have it out of the box :)
  9. SimonJ

    post office carrier lazy drive across homeowner's lawn deliver to door

    The posties here have mopeds and ride through everything from one house to another, even garden flower beds, so using the grass is nothing to worry about.
  10. SimonJ

    Is WiFi USB compatible with Dell Precision desktop?

    That will work providing you have the disc and of course that disc has the XP drivers on it.
  11. SimonJ

    Fun PC Games

    Out of order by Hungry Software :)
  12. SimonJ


    Sorry, I found it amusing, then annoying so I thought I would share it. :)
  13. SimonJ

    Stairway to heaven with a difference...

    Now I can visualise a giant pickle with granny feet sticking out. Not a good way to start the day! :giggle:
  14. SimonJ


    Every good sysadmin knows you have to examine your logs :)
  15. SimonJ

    Stairway to heaven with a difference...

    I thought of this
  16. SimonJ

    Anyone here have web development or web design experience?

    I do some web development, there was a portfolio here Removed
  17. SimonJ

    Hello everyone

    :welcome: You should start by browsing the forums and become acquainted with the search button. Also have a look here
  18. SimonJ

    From perth, australia

    I am in Perth and have some Auslan although I am still learning, let me know if you want a coffee and a chat sometime. :) Maybe not this weekend with the weather how it is, so much for Spring! :(
  19. SimonJ


    Agreed! :)
  20. SimonJ

    This is my website...what do you think?

    Fails to validate, could cause problems for screen readers