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  1. Safire

    Scared of communicating with hearing people

    I focus on lips and I can be slow processing so people get really mean with it sometimes. They'll just keep talking, prattling on, and I'll be eating their dust trying to figure out what the heck they were saying earlier.
  2. Safire

    Scared of communicating with hearing people

    Sucks sometimes. I've had potential boyfriends or boyfriends (that I said yes to) dump me over it. I've had really REALLY awkward moments like you wouldn't believe...and I feel really humiliated and out of place and just completely wrong when I try to communicate. Once, I was at school with no...
  3. Safire

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Been there.. Lol, I've had just about everything. I've had people grab me (ignorant WalMart employee), I've had churches completely ignore me, it's pretty bad sometimes.
  4. Safire

    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    I am losing my hearing gradually since...welll..go look at my blog in Testimony. but the hardest is losing my singing and speech.
  5. Safire

    Scared of communicating with hearing people

    Beware at Walmart. About two years ago, I had had surgery to repair the hole in my left eardrum and another in the right ear. I wasn't wearing my hearing aids but thought I could handle a simple trip to our local Walmart. NOT! I was okay for most of the trip and clung to my mom's side...
  6. Safire

    Operation on Ear Nerve Damage?

    I am fixing to have my surgery to get implants. Can you maybe tell me what to expect and what to do?
  7. Safire

    Crazed man eats face of another man while alive

    It doesn't matter. Drugs or no drugs, no one is really gonna know anything til the autopsy results come back.
  8. Safire

    Newbies: Quick FAQs

    Friends? Would you consider being friends?
  9. Safire

    Going Deaf

    When I was 18-24 months old, I became very ill. Nobody knows exactly what it was but I got infection after infection, almost died, and almost lost huge chunks of my skull. I've been hoh since. My mom always knew something was wrong but since I adapted so well, learning to read lips on my own...
  10. Safire

    Hi, I'm a relay operator and I'm new here.

    what exactly is tty? i have it on my phone but i never can figure it me please.
  11. Safire

    Hi, I'm a relay operator and I'm new here.

    @ Payton Sawyer: hey! yea. me too, i got sick when i was three and that was the end of most of my hearing. i have just enough to read lips and figure things out. but i do not have a relay guy.......dont know i txt and i dont do voicemail or anything that requires me or anyone else...
  12. Safire

    Hi Im new in here, Saludos

    hi back im in texas also a musician....alto saxophone and piano.....freshman:wave