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    Be quiet....lolz
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    Where are you from?

    I am from California
  3. DoVip

    Where is everyone from?

    I am from California. Holla me up:)!
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    Glide is no longer....
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    Lmao! I didn't realized that...but Yeah. ;):deal::whistle:
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    Hello World!

    Hello World!
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    Does anyone who has experience Cyber-security?

    Hello, I want to learn about Cyber-security because I just need job. Have you experience Cyber-security before? I am just curious. lol
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    Looking for a Deaf/HOH friend to practice ASL with!

    Sound like fun! Where are you from? :wave:
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    Hey everyone! What's up! How are ya'll?! Of course I know you miss me so much! Lol :):wave:
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    Let’s help each other please

  11. DoVip

    Single in California

    Hi, how are you doing? :)
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    World Financial Group

    Hello everyone! My name is Duy Le. I just want to tell you about WSB (World System Builder) that education. Just one of our thousands of examples on how our WSB NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR FINANCIAL LITERACY has been affecting many families including governmental bodies all over the USA AND Canada...
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    Referring You For Uber From Me.

    GeorgeBright, you're not real person. You are scammer. This is unacceptable and inappropriate. Text off me.
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    A long time ago, his name is Matt DukeZukem, live in New York. He was my old friend.
  15. DoVip

    Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

    I used on Linux on Redhat or Ubuntu.
  16. DoVip

    AllDeaf Memorial

    RIP hacker
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    Referring You For Uber From Me.

    Rarely I work at DoorDash, not much. Because it very slow. But I heard about Postmates better that who working. It makes good money. I will think about it later.
  18. DoVip

    Referring You For Uber From Me.

    Oh it's you Denis. I paid it off. Lol ;)
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    Referring You For Uber From Me.

    I already texted you. :)
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    Referring You For Uber From Me.

    Hello folks! I use at Uber to make money with my car & you can too. Sign up to receive your $1000 reward! Use my link for $1000 extra: :)