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    never wore hearing aids can someone tell me what to exspect.

    what you hear from aids will sound like robotic sounds than what you used to hear from natural sounds. so it will sound shit for 4 mths til you get used to it. good luck
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    Alaska's "Hot Sauce Mom" Jessica Beagley spared jail time

    meh i rather be spanked bare over the knee with panties down .. than taking hot sauce ... thats for weak parents ....
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    Just had a Cyst Removed

    where are these pics??? i wanna see them :P
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    BAHA = Painful!?

    yeah try drinking plenty of milk for calicum
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    CI surgery, any post surgery advice?

    precisely ! i just got my N5 for 5 mths now .. i love it .. i'm like you pandaundercover. grew up in hearing world .. all my family dont sign. Im 34 and lost 50% last remaining of my hearing from my smash repair workshop. i have quitted that job if i;ve known it would kill the rest of my...
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    If a CI person has an heart attack....

    yeah i do have N5 for 3 mths now. yep thats what i read about low MRI scan.
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    cochlear N5 rechargeables FDA approved

    seems you guys takes the longest to get them . i got mine switched on 3 mths ago. i got everything ready here including rechargable batteries. and standard battery. my audio said its up to me what i want . so i choose 3 rechargable and two standard batteries. all good. just cant understand...
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    If a CI person has an heart attack....

    well im sure it will kill CI instantly. cos my audio told me that one of her patient is an electrician. he has CI implanted and few mths later he got electrocuted at his work or what ever his electrician job is. it killed his CI internal. So he has to be operated again to remove it and...
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    Life Quality Survey

    jeez this sounds like fraud. we re not giving out our personal info to some stranger online!!! FFS anna can gather data from her uni . its illegal asking ppl like that
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    Refused audiogram printout- UK NHS

    yeah i have no problems asking for a copy of my audio. report them to fair trading or osbasman. and they will shit themselves then
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    CI Documentary Captioned

    impressive clip
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    Do do you resize animated gifs?

    got a link there buddy?
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    Cats & Dogs.....

    lol funny
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    I want an Iphone

    i hear that all the time. you need a computer either pc or lappy download teh cd that came with it .. and fix it from there. its what i;ve been told. also its written in the instruction booklet that came with iphone. i know most ppl dont bother read booklets
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    Am I overreacting???

    well what did your son do? how did you know that he was in the car crying in your ex husbands care? i heard this before with my friend. she and her ex still on going bitter court battle for 8 yrs. thousands of $ later. she lost the case. now she has to pay her ex for child support. her ex is...
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    nVidia's Android Tablet pawned IPAD!

    i reckon ipad are gay
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    what is fm receiver?

    yah i hate FM in my high school days. i dont see the point of wearing it. cos once you leave school youre stuck with aids and not wear fm. and you would have to start to learn all over again just with aids. so its not really worth it unless you pinch FM from school and wear it at work...