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  1. celly37

    What's the most stupid /unbelievable thing you ever heard?

    wait, your cousin did this?? your kidding right?? thats awful! but i can not stop laughing!!
  2. celly37

    What's the most stupid /unbelievable thing you ever heard?

    garlic believe it or not has amazing healing properties... when I get sinus infections, I take garlic pills, although garlic fights INFECTION... and cancer is not an infection...
  3. celly37

    What's the most stupid /unbelievable thing you ever heard?

    I find this interesting because in the Bible Jesus tells us we need to work, and work hard! So unless it was a Sunday , I find it a little hard to believe Jesus told him to take the day off, especially if you are right, and he does not work hard any other day.
  4. celly37

    Weird habits?

    I do this too! I never eat trail mix because its so hard to pickout all the pieces! I also eat my least favorite first, and eat my favorite last so the taste stays in my mouth! lol
  5. celly37

    Weird habits?

    Me either!!
  6. celly37

    Senstive to feelings

    Im hearing, and I have a couple deaf friends, I feel like i am understanding (or I try to be) but its improtant to keep in mind, that hearing people often feel the same way. A deaf person my feel like hearing people dont understand, but there are times that i feel the same way about deaf people...
  7. celly37

    Deleting this account

    why do you want to delete your account?
  8. celly37


    you shouldnt be embarrased at all, if someone treats you bad because of them, are they someone you want in your life?...and are they someone who is worth being hurt over? (the answer is no btw ;)
  9. celly37

    Deaf Sensitivity Training Video for Police Officers

    I sent this to all of my EMT friends a month or two ago, its great, and they really appreciated it
  10. celly37

    How do I find Deaf people in my area?

    that is the BEST time to go then, there will be hearing people too to be able to help, learn the sign for "slow finger spelling" and i only know a little ASL" "im still learning" and you will be fine, if the community is anything like my community they will be more then happy to help you learn :)
  11. celly37

    Prince in coma after avalanche ski accident

    I dont think that second video is "pure stupidity" however, it needs to be done responsibly, never do anything you cannon handle, BUT i DO agree with the speeding thing lol some people go way to fast, and if you are taking a corner, you could hit someone, and then 2 people get hurt, not just the...
  12. celly37

    kids bullied bus monitor..

    This is so sad, I was in tears listening to them :( From what I saw they raised almost 500,000 dollars for her!
  13. celly37

    TV advertisement

    I think more then making you want to go out and buy thier product, the purpose of advertising is to make you thinkof thier product when you want something. Example-- its lunch time, and you are hungry and need to go somewhere to eat, and you saw a commercial for taco bell that day, you are more...
  14. celly37

    ASL Interpreting Career

    i think they are saying that although they do not necessarily want to interpret, there is no one else to do it, so they basically need to step up and do it, because if they do not, then no one will :/ which is sad, they should really move near me, there are lots of interpreters and students who...
  15. celly37

    YouTube Taking Down Sign Language Music Videos

    Youtube is just trying to save themselves from a lawsuit.. and that is understandable... Its not just ASL videos that are getting deleted, its any video with un-altered music in it... if you want to get around the copyright you have to talk over the song, or start off with it not being the...
  16. celly37

    Mom worried about her son's hearing

    actually I respectfully disagree (in your reply to the qoute "a screening is just a screening"), my great neice failed her first two hearing tests in the hospital, and she hears just fine... sometimes they are just innacurate.
  17. celly37

    Mom worried about her son's hearing

    I completely agree!!
  18. celly37

    Mom worried about her son's hearing

    because the ABR said she was most likely fine.. she believed her, and now she is having doubts...
  19. celly37

    Mom worried about her son's hearing

    I just wanted to say good for you, for being a parent that allows both ASL and English, it breaks my heart when parents make thier children get CI's and then take thier ASL away from them :(
  20. celly37

    Keith Wann

    CODA brothers are kinda funny, sometimes hillarious, other times boring lol