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    Mayfest Toronto!

    Always a great time!
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    Cashiers/Job Hunting

    My son's gf is hoh, and is oral, and worked p/t as a cashier for several years at a grocery store (he met her there as they worked together). She didn't have any major issues, and would just ask customers to repeat themselves if she didn't catch what they said first time. She's working in a...
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    $60,000 for not allowing service dogs in store

    I would think she has the dogs on those leashes like that in order to have her hands free. The article mentions she has PTSD, I'm sure being followed and harassed by the store employee was incredibly distressing for her.
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    Mayfest Toronto 2014

    Yes, it was free. Really busy, too.
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    Mayfest Toronto 2014

    I was there, and bought some bits and pieces. Wish I'd known that was you! Happy travels.
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    Mayfest Toronto 2014

    Cool, Jiro, which booth, I'll come by and say hi! :-)
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    Mayfest Toronto 2014

    I wanted to share this, in case anyone on AD is in the Toronto area (Deaf or students learning ASL), and wasn't aware of the festival this weekend! :wave:
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    Open questions to ASL students

    This is an across-the-board routine with a lot of students, no matter what the subject. They've gone through the school system being spoon fed answers, and when it comes to critical thinking skills, or figuring out how to do something on their own, they lack the ability to do it, because they...
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    short questionnaire for people having profoundly hearing loss(cannot have HA or CI)

    Hry Ambrosia, if you put 1/4 cup popcorn kernels in a Pyrex bowl and put a plate over the top, you can make your own non chemical popcorn, then add your favorite seasonings! If I recall, you start with 90 seconds, and adjust based on the number of kernels left. You can re microwave the ones...
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    Canada Deaf Community or all in the USA?

    Sarahh, if you want to learn about Deaf culture, get a taste of Deaf art, and find out about upcoming events, you should go down to the Deaf Culture Centre in the Distillery District. It's beautiful, and there are always activities going on! Deaf Culture Centre - Le Centre De La Cutlure Des...
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    My friend thinks I'm faking it.

    Sheri, I'm sorry that happened to you.Your friend sounds like a selfish jerk. I'm sure you'll really benefit from going to your Deaf Association and meeting other people that are living the same circumstances. Maybe it's time to start using those rusty ASL skills again! Good luck.
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    Off to ASL camp!

    Suuuuper jealous you went! Wish I had been able to go too. Can't wait to hear about it next week at ORAD.
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    I was hoping it was going to be a super deep puddle and he got stuck. Then who would have been laughing, huh?!
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    ASL class and Deaf Culture classes

    The program metalangel and I just graduated from included a course in Deaf Culture, where we discussed Deaf arts, services, accessibility,Audism, and about being allies within the Deaf world. We also had a couple of different guest speakers: one from the Canadian Hearing Society, about assistive...
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    Taught Myself the ASL Alphabet

    See if you can get the library to find a copy of The Mask of Benevolence for you, it clearly explains the oppression and audism perpetrated against the Deaf community, and will further your learning of Deaf culture, which is an integral part to learning ASL. :-)
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    I'm quite jealous of metalangel going to the camp, I wish I was able to take the time like that. BTW, your dad was being a real prick, the platitude without actual appreciation for what you're doing is infuriating, especially since he won't be able to "one up" you in that matter. Some people...
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    How should I handle this?

    Your company is big enough that they have a decent HR department, and policies in place against this type of harassment. You need to speak to someone in HR and get this documented, because if it comes down to a He-said/she-said type situation, you need to CYA. Good luck. Just because he has kids...
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    Where does one meet deaf people?

    Head down to the Distillery District, and check out the Deaf Culture Centre. Ask about volunteering or upcoming events to participate in. The Deaf community in Toronto is very friendly.
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    True ASL dictionaries

    Smithr, the Canadian dictionary is pricey, but good. Also, Chapters offers free shipping over $25, so it comes to your door no charge. The Canadian Dictionary of ASL: Carole Sue Bailey: Home |
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    an odd question about misophonia

    One of my Deaf teachers compared nails on a blackboard for a hearing person,to a light bulb flickering when it begins to fail for her.