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  1. Old Analog

    Hello everyone :)

    Well come
  2. Old Analog

    You have to be Deaf to Understand....

    Yah the booth not same as life, they do there best to help you pass, for the most part I've quit trying to hear, just to hard, and the pain in my neck not so bad any more
  3. Old Analog

    ASL Machine Translation by virtual webcam

    Won't work, another reason signs are not words, my favorite example is sign for important, valuable, worthy, treasure and on and on, all in one sign, how would you know which word to use :dunno2:
  4. Old Analog

    ASL Group

    Of I can stay out of hospital, what day(s) time
  5. Old Analog

    Finally bought a farm

    Coons very greasy be sure to keep the fat, skunks make good hats too, possums not so much:fart:
  6. Old Analog

    Learning and need help!!

    As your teacher, what a novel ideal!
  7. Old Analog

    5 things to keep in mind for a relationship to last:

    Without the engineer the caption goes no where, Without the caption the engineer goes nowhere
  8. Old Analog

    Flag? Scandinavian, Norse?

    Flag? Scandinavian, Norse?
  9. Old Analog

    Hi my name is Andrew and brand new member of alldeaf group.

    Greetings and welcome, make yourself at home here :ily: :welcome:
  10. Old Analog

    Do you exercise regularly?

    Exercise? Why? Oh yah! That guy that mows his big lawn with his rideing lawnmower then pays a treadmill , why he didn't get a push mower?:dunno:
  11. Old Analog


    Deaf issue? Within deaf community? Sure your not a Troll :wtf:
  12. Old Analog

    5 things to keep in mind for a relationship to last:

    #1 Know your duty, do it to the best of your ability, incourge,support, cheer on, even in failures, know your duty... the caption controls the ship... the chief engineer keeps it going... either one can sink it, unless they agree it goes nowhere, no? How's that working for you
  13. Old Analog

    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    Decided :rolleyes: will have to have heart segery, by choice or not:mad:
  14. Old Analog

    Deaf in Nashville

    No not year, need more context, closer to collage
  15. Old Analog


    ?You teacher who?
  16. Old Analog


    Tell us a story... Who (you), what (up to), when, where, why, how come
  17. Old Analog

    “Grown Ups Relationship”

    What's love got to do with it, commitment is for better or worse, full fill your duty, whether you like it or not:devil::deal:
  18. Old Analog

    Artificial Intelligence in Hearing Aids

    What they can turn on they can turn off, wouldn't want to be beholden to any device
  19. Old Analog

    Motivating my hearing teenager as a Deaf Mom

    Just a thought, if you sign let her see you interacting where she is the topic, you and another are taking about her or something she's interested in, then give her the never mind or I'll tell you later, probably not the best advice but maybe can be tailored for you;)
  20. Old Analog

    what breakdown company's do people use with support for hard of hearing?

    Breakdown where? Breakdown what? Tell us a story:dunno2::rolleyes: