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  1. DeafNerdMommy


    I am going for a consultation for a Baha later this month. I have used hearing aids for 10 years and I’m a little nervous. It will be one of two major surgeries done at once. If these surgeries fail I will be a CI candidate.
  2. DeafNerdMommy

    Changing hearing loss

    Hello I have mod to severe hearing loss but in winter and fall I have severe to profound hearing loss. I have my hearing aids set to profound so it can accommodate. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. DeafNerdMommy

    Back up hearing aids

    So I had a nice pair of Oticon opn but I lost them. One was in a car I sold to the junk yard and one is somewhere in my room..I think. So I got out my backup hearing aids which are Oticon alto. They need a good recalibration, which cost $25. I got them in 2012 so they are worn. My 5 year wait...
  4. DeafNerdMommy

    Lost my hearing aid

    Oh my gosh I lost one of my hearing aids. It was the oticon opn. I think I left it in a car and sold the car.:cry: now I have to save up 1500 for a new one. The worst part is I lost my worst ears hearing aid. Almost 10 year of wearing them and I finally lost one. Dang
  5. DeafNerdMommy

    Service dog

    I am throwing around the idea of getting a service dog. It would be half for hearing and half for psychiatric stuff. Does anyone on here use a service dog and has it helped you? I want to be sure I want one if I'm going to shell out the money and time to train.
  6. DeafNerdMommy

    Coming back

    Hey I'm nerd, Some people might know me. I have been off alldeaf for about 2 years. Thought I would come back. I feel very out of the loop. I am profoundly deaf. And use to sign. I havent used it in 5 years due to loving with my(now ex) wife who is hearing and my hearing parents. They made me...
  7. DeafNerdMommy

    Filing disability

    Urg. So i filed for disability 8 months ago. Not being hearing related, and they are just now thinking i have been waiting to long. I dont know about other states but oregon is 3-5 month wait. That is 8 months of no income because they cant figure out things. This was more of a rant but i wanted...
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    Hello from an old friend

    Hello, I was am AD member that has fallen of the face of the planet. After some star searching i have found my way back. For people who dont know me, i am a mother of 4 small children. I have profound hearing loss. My wife is also hard of hearing. We speak asl (mostly psl), english, irish, and...
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    Has anyone here heard of demi-sexual? I just found out that is what I am and I am happy to have discovered this. Hey at the same time I feel like no one knows what it is so I feel kind of stupid telling people.
  10. DeafNerdMommy

    Oticon opn

    New hearing aids by DeafNerdMommy posted Sep 16, 2017 at 1:54 AM My new hearing aids! I got them before my baby was born but I hadn't had a chance to show them off. I was happy I could get the new opn, my state insurance didn't want to pay for them at first but some how my audie got them for me...
  11. DeafNerdMommy

    New hearing aids

    I get new hearing aids this year, but I don't know what I want. I was looking at resound but reviews on them were not so good. I was also looking at oticon new opn which came out this year. I am going to talk my audie next week. What hearing aids do you have or want?
  12. DeafNerdMommy

    Beep beep

    Beep Beep Beep, two days of beeping. Die or be quite. I strongly dislike when my hearing aids are dying. I like to wait until the batteries are totally dead before I change them so I have to live with 2-4 days of beeping. Any one else have long lasting dying batteries? I have oticons.
  13. DeafNerdMommy

    Is 2017 a blue or pink year?

    So tonight my husband and I just found out I am 5 and 1/2 weeks pregnant! I am super excited because we have been talking about a baby for 5 months now. I knew 2017 was going to be great, but I didn't know it was going to be this great!
  14. DeafNerdMommy

    Working as a caregiver

    I got a job as a caregiver of adults with severe disabilities. I told my boss that I do have a disabilities but she never asked what. I also wear my hearing aids but my hair is not long enough to cover them. Anyways I was asked to do a manual blood pressure today and to make a phone call on the...
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    And.......I got fired :( just needed to rant
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    Oregon Storm

    Okay so I live in the great wet state of Oregon and today we had a classic spring rain storm. Although normal here in Oregon I thought I would share it with you. This lasted about 15 minutes today. It started at my house with a random down pour. There was a little bit of hail mixed into it too...
  17. DeafNerdMommy

    Insurance And Hearing Aids

    So a week ago I fell ill from an unknown bug, didn't have time to go to the doctors, and had some ear pains. Also unknown if it was an infection or not. The pain randomly stopped after 2 days but my earing didn't get better like it normally does. So I went to my audie to get my earing aids...
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    Stupid Homework

    Urg, I would rather be here than doing homework. I got behind again but not from avoiding it. BTW alldeaf needs a vent form hehe. Anyways I have a huge paper due next month and I would be find just writing it and taking my time for this month to write it but my teacher wants us to turn in all...
  19. DeafNerdMommy

    Dad Give Baby Hiv Virus :( Crazy what people do to get out of child support
  20. DeafNerdMommy

    Teaching On Glide

    Does anyone else have a glide a? It is like snap chat and Skype had a baby. I think it would be a great way to help teach newer asl users. Just a thought.